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[OT] Ants

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Anyone got any good rememdies for keeping little black ants out of the house? I think the buggars have nbested under my house and they are coming in every day, we have tried every kinds of poison from safeways and mitre10. i need good home remedy - what scares the buggars off for good?

  2. Have you tried those traps that have some posion in, the little buggers then take it back to the nest which kills the queen?
  3. Hip hop music?


    Clown p0rn?
  4. I've used ANT RID in the past. Comes in a small bottle like error correction fluid.
    Has some sweet goo in it that attracts the ants but has poison in it too. The idea is an ant on patrol finds it, he tells his mates, they tell their mates and soon there a heap of ants all grabbing handfulls of the stuff. They take it back to the nest for a party and bingo goodbye ants :grin:

    It can be a bit disconcerting though... we had a few ants in a kitchen cupboard, put this stuff in there, next time we looked... thousands of the buggers all having a party in there :shock:

    The following morning they'd gone and never came back :twisted:
  5. I had pretty good result with borax and sugar - just mix a bit of each in some sort of container and leave it out for ants to feast on... worked for me anyway.
  6. Nah we have used piles of ant rid and little plastic traps full of poison that is mean to kill thier colony, i think its get them high and thats it.

    I need something ddt based i think :)
  7. Use a spray can and a lighter and ......................

    :wink: :p
  8. We had problems with coastal brown ants, similar to fire ants but no sting. Used stuff called AMDRO from Mitre10, which is corn meal that has very tasty (for ants) oils and poisons soaked in. However unlike the borax based stuff (Ant Rid) this works on the way they absorb the nutrients from food, basically they still eat but starve. Cleaned up several big colonies in a few days. Pretty expensive though, 'bout $70 for a bottle. An added bonus is that is works on cockroaches too, which are a bit of an eternal problem up here (the buggers can fly for Km).
  9. OMG!!!!!

    Jimmy, I hate ants with a passion and we have just come out of an invasion :evil: so considering you're near us, I can sympathise with what you must be encountering.

    We have tried EVERYTHING and have found what works best (for us anyway).

    Don't waste your money on the big pump action outdoor sprays that are about $20-$25 cos they don't work. Ant rid is good but only when used in conjunction with the following.....go to Safeway and get yourself a few cans of the Mortein surface/outdoor spray (with the yellow trigger handle). It's about $8-$10 (depending if it's on special or not) but it works!!!! :applause:
    I suggest at least 3-4 bottles, that's what we needed ad we've got a standard 3 bedroom house.

    You need to spray around all doors and windows on the outisde of the house and then also tracks and personally I do the cornesing (bit between the walls and the roof) cos those little buggers can squeeze through a pin hole!!!

    If you strategically place some coke caps with Ant Rid where you know they are coming in, then if the spray doesn't work first shot, you'll find some in the ant rid and can apply a 2nd coat to the said area (so you don't need to do the whole house again).

    I hope this works for you cos it did for us and we were going out of our minds. :shock:

  10. We have ant problems here, the whole town seems to be built on an giant nest.

    You come home some days and theres a big black line all over the wall. :cry: If you spray them they all stick to the wall and you have to vacume them off.

    Nothing is working, the cheap Bi-Lo spray is the worst, it actually attracts them and they have a party on it :mad:

    All these new hippie sparays dont hurt them unless you directly hit them with it, some surface sprays will keep them away for a few days but thats it.
    We tried antrid for a few months but they kept respawning in other places.
    Did someone say they had some DDT laying around :LOL:

    I saw an echidna crossing the road the other day, should have taken it home to eat them all :p
  11. As I said in my previous post, the Mortein spray with the yellow trigger seems to be working.

    We used it about 3 weeks ago and haven't had an ant inside since. But you do have to do the WHOLE house cos if you only do the bits where they are getting in, they will go around and find another pinhole to get through B$@!#&*S!!!

    But those outdoor barrier sprays are crap!!! They don't even work for 6 minutes, let alone the 6 months they "claim" to work for.....

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
  12. Which aprt of l;angy are you in?

    fcuk ya! just got back from mitre10 and spent $30 on one of those :(

    Hmm i kinda feel like we have tried all of these. I will do it all again with the sprays and hsit i have tomorrow and if it dont work after that i am getting the guys woth the DDT truck to come around and poison everything...

    Hey there are few of us down langy way we should ride into coffee night together or something?
  13. Jimmy,

    The only advise I can offer is to make sure you do EVERY square inch - don't miss any spots!!!

    We're near North Rd shops - where are you?

    If you haven't tried the yellow trigger stuff, give it a go before you call out the bomb squad cos it'll save you a packet if it works.

    It did for us and I'm glad cos I was about to call the bomb squad in - I was tearing my hair out!!! But *knock on wood*, we've had 3 peaceful "ant-less" weeks so far

    \:D/ :applause: \:D/ :applause:
  14. I used to be over that way, accross from the Fleece and Spindle, now over Potts rd way, near Cathar :)
  15. :grin:

    We'll hafta catch up & go for a squirt when I get back on my bike.....(sigh) :?

  16. Quick Question, What is the cost of getting "Flick" to come and spray do get rid of spiders and ants ? Any general idea will do :grin:

  17. Fire. :twisted:

    This message is appanently too short.