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[OT] - American Dad

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nodz, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Anyone catch that animated show called American Dad on Channel 10 (I think) after the Amazing Race yesterday night?

    What a pisser!

    Anyone manage to get it on tape/DVD?


  2. Nodz - it's on 7.

    Sorry mate, didn't tape it. It's been on for a while now.
  3. yeah that was great hey! :p

    i loved it how the alien set up a bar in the roof.
  4. american dad- very good

    family guy (after american dad)- piss yourself funny!

    The dvd boxed sets go on sale fairly often for around $35 per season at jbhifi etc...
  5. i still think the best one liner of all time is from american dad where american dad's boss is sleeping with american dad's daughter (don't know his name) and says 'it occured to me while i was staring at the back of your daughters head' ....bahahahahahaha :grin: ok, well, maybe you had to be there but i loved it :)
  6. One of my favorite lines from American Dad, is when the alien is talking on the phone to a friend when he's working for the mother who's running a real estate business:

    "Sorry, I have to go, the Boss is being a real...See You Next Tuesday!"

    Cracked me right up. Good work for making it so biting for adults, yet still over the heads of any kiddies who might accidentally watch it.
  7. I thought last nights episode where the mother was saying 'Your father hasn't been cleaning my gutters recently...:LOL:'
  8. Way prefer Family Guy myself.