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Origins of your Forum Name

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Grabbed this idea from Canberra Riders by my mate Gos

    searched - didn't find a similar thread

    Whats the origin of your forum name ?
  2. Nothing to do with paramatta
    Para as in british paras(12 years british parachute regiment)
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  4. My name's Jim so mates call me Jimbo. Got a hunting/fishing mate called Tex who types emails in Southern US dialect and refers to me phonetically as Jeimbo and it just stuck.
  5. When i was 19... went on a trip to port Macquarie with a group of friends..... a couple of the boys got a bit firey one night.. the next day, i was winding the 2 up... they started calling my Ralph Mouth... I used to be a little loose in my late teens early 20's... and have these 'Ralph' moments.. When I was on the piss, i was Ralph..... so from there Ralph has stuck... to a point, when I am introduced to someone, most of the time it is as Ralph.... can't remember the last time a good mate called me by my real name....
  6. my surnames Roddy.

    sorry its not very interesting but there ya go!
  7. Well, lets see.

    My names, Cameron Frewer and I ride a VFR

    Ta! Da!

    At work I'm reffered to as DC

    Deaf ****!
  8. It's my XBOX Live username and I chose it almost 6 years ago.
    One of the X-Men movies had just come out and my favourite character was NightCrawler, but that name was already taken. Not wanting to be one of those "NightCrawler469104" types, I played around until I found a spelling that was unique.
    And the legend of the NiteKreeper was born.
  9. Greek Goddess... I didn't think you were Greek Atro? (By the way, how are the cotton sox? Bless them cotton sox :))
  10. This was me to a 'T' as a young bloke.

    Since then, I've learnt a few tricks but some traits are hard to shake :grin:

    How about you Motolegion?
  11. Name just stuck after a party that I.. don't remember.. at all.. :-s

    Mates still won't tell me what happened :-s
  12. was he walkin funny....... or were you?:-s

    my nickname? i am made of iron and i eat other people who are made of iron
    and i also got a t shirt i was wearing when i signed up to NR which has a skull and instead of crossbones its got piston and con rods in a cross, and on top it has iron cannibals over the top with flames n stuff, if i had another tv shirt on my nickname would have been something else
  13. Mine began with the IrCQ chat rooms when I was unable to register jester and even though I was unaware of l33t speak I recalled the sad things we've all done with calculators so I changed the two Es to 3s and yup that's it.
  14. Now that I think about it......... 8-[
  15. hahaha
    remind me of the guy who went into a bar and said "give me 12 shots of tequila" bar tender says "what are ya, celebrating your first bj?" he said "yeah, i didnt like the taste"
  16. I've always been a Ford man and love anything with the Cosworth YB engine. My favourite was the Escort RS Cosworth. Never could afford one though, even today a '94 model would fetch about $60K if not higher.
  17. My name came about in Science class back in year 9. We were studying about fungus. My name being Phong, my class mates decided to put the two together to call me Phongus. Funny thing, my teacher called me that when I wouldn't listen haha. Stuck with it ever since.
  18. My name is Luke and i like latin and ancient Rome, simple as that really...

    Lucius is a variation of Luke.

    If Lucius is taken on a forum or game, etc... then i use Lucient or Lucian.