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Origins of the MC term "squid"?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tim_4, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. When i first came across the word in relation to MC, i just accepted it for what it meant.

    However, then i wondered, 'why squid? where did the term originate from?'.

    After pondering for a few seconds I arrived at the conclusion that it was because squids have no brains! duh!

    However, while searching the forums for info, i came across a mini discussion on this in an unrelated thread where a few more complicated explanations were given. I personally prefer my original thought, but am just wondering what others think?

    Im sure i could find something on the net, but why not some light discussion? :)

  2. I don't know. I heard many references to it before I got a good explanation. The earliest reference I remember was a book written about sports bikes and the culture, first person narrative, set California in the early '90s. Protagonist hears it, asks what and why, gets told because new riders and young riders and wannabe fast riders are just like squids. They're small. They're prey for bigger fish. They can squirt off at great speed, for short distances. They go fastest when they're going backwards. They can go pretty fast in a straight line. They use ink in the water to cloud the facts. On dry land, they start to stink after a day or two. Lots of them are born, but not many live to a great age or size. When you cut them open, they're mostly hollow. The girls will tell you they're all hands. They have thin skins. They try to blend into the background when they feel threatened.

    It seems to have come out of a drunken one-liner jam session one night, and stuck.
  3. when i first heard the word i searched and found this
  4. aahhh! Well that makes a lot of sense, yeah.
  5. i dont think they have to be quick, i call 99% of Brisbane's motorbike cops squids. look at what they wear....

    no gloves
    standard issue t-shirt
    and pants that belong on a horse rider, padding in the butt and knees but have no protective ability
  6. Some squids are among the most intelligent invertebrates, so I don't think it's that they "have no brains".

    An acronym of "Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous" or "Stupidly Quick, Underdressed and Imminently Dead", I think they are just backronyms. An acronym made up after the term came into popular use.

    Oddly enough, after googling this a bit myself, it appears to have come from surfing culture, and is a contraction of "squirrelly kid".
  7. squids stupid?? They can navigate mazes, hunt co-operatively, open screw-top lids and predict the outcome of world cup soccer matches!
  8. Squid-
    Hard bit at the top and soft Dangly bits below.
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    Was also used in the cult surfing movie "Big Wednesday"

    See below at 4.00 minutes


  10. Darlings the delectable Humbolt Squid is amongst the most intellectual creatures in the ocean......

    The predictor was of the octopi clan, sugarplums sadly he passed recently of natural causes........even so waste not want not - tossed into a green salad with virgin olive oil an a pinch of sea salt.........
  11. wtf !?!?!
  12. This comes up regularly.

    In Oz, it basically describes someone riding without riding gear. It's used derisively when that rider is riding in a way that the consequence of a collision or fall would be high. A lot of the time Squids are also straight line pilots.

    Plenty on this topic on NR. Have a search.
  13. Don't be a Squidiot !
  14. Isn't a squid someone who puts their right glove on first?

  15. I heard that when you come off with no protective clothing your skin gets shaved off and hangs about like tentacles, like a squid.
  16. Search: Keyword(s): squid Showing results 1 to 25 of 200


    but seriously, i wasnt asking what it stands for/means, just about it.

    I guess i was stereotyping all translucent tentacally sea creatures as having no brains (like jelly-fish). I apologise to any squids i may have offended (water-bourne, not terrestrial :p)
  17. No it's someone that doesn't nod or someone that uses premium petrol
  18. but it NEEEEEDS pre-me-yum! Hi-yah octayn makes it run bettah!
  19. but it NEEEEDS pre-me-yum!!
    Hi-yah oktayn makes it run bettah!!