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Origin Of Life

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TAX123, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. supposing the first cell originated by chance is like believing “a tornado sweeping through a local junk-yard might assemble a fully functioning Bimota Tesi from the materials therein

  2. before you ask this is a Bimota Tesi

  3. Thats really NICE.
    But i dont like the bike
  4. There's a bike in that pic?
  5. Did you say something?....
  6. I better get my glasses and have a closer look...
  7. all i heard is bi

    can she bring a friend along?
  8. I give this thread a C. A+ for pictorial content, F for the text, and a B- for trolling.
  9. It's just as well there are boobies in this thread, because everything else you said is bollocks.
  10. so there was a bike in the picture, does the bike come with the girl? Will she ever eat enough to hide those ribs? Does the bike come in a colour scheme not reminiscent of Pavlova and strawberry chunder? ... Important questions.
  11. The "fact" that you need to have enough flab so that your ribs aren't visible is a myth perpetuated by fatties. :LOL:

    She's in top shape. :grin:
  12. Putting aside the boobies, for the moment, what ever happened to centre hub steering as a concept?
  13. Putting aside boobies!? What are you?

  14. It's been ditched by everyone except a few engineering purists because

    (a) Although it offers some theoretical advantages over teles, every design ever fitted to a road bike has, in some way, sucked balls.

    (b) All sensible bike manufacturers have realised that 90% of buyers of their products are so crap that they can't ride hard enough to tell the difference.
  15. I'm not fat, its extra padding for impact absorption in case of an off. You could hang her on a clothes line by hooking her ribs over it! But still, its not deathly skinny.

    What is with that steering setup! never noticed it before, couldn't see around the extra LHS fairings :p
  16. That is not life, that is art. :grin:
  17. The world is full of boobies TS, based on a 2007 population census 1 booby per 1.0075 people. :) Many more boobies than Tesi.
  18. combine the two you have booby steering. more people would ride if that were the case.

    It's be a bit firmer in the winter and more wobbly in summer.
  19. You may be on to something there, Quick take out a patent. :)