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(Origin 3) whos gunna win [poll]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TAZMAN, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. QLD

  2. NSW

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  1. Just got my tickets for origin 3 at telstra dome wednesday 5th july 3 rows back on the fifty metre line :woot: :woot:

    But they are alredy scarce, as I had heaps of hassle organising mine.

    Anyway on topic who do you think will win the Mighty Maroons or the Blue boys, guess whos got my vote, Queensland man all the way but I would still like to see what everyone else thinks as I am pretty bias
  2. Im in front of the 50 meter line as well.
    Alas higher up in the grandstand :(

    best of the worst seats that I could get through the ticketmaster terminal at work ;)
  3. When will the Mexican's be allowed to play?
  4. NSW of course.

    It's their turn

    That's why they lost in Qld, so there'd be a 'gate' in Melbourne.

    When will the Victorians be allowed to play? When they start playing the same game, I guess.

    {translate never, :cry:}
  5. We already have Melbourne Storm... I reckon the Blues will win.
  6. I actually got to speak to someone on the phone after option 200 :wink: and annoyed him enough to get them as I tried on the net and it kept telling me they had no tickets. Guess they want their $9.40 phone handling fee :wink:
  7. queensland all the way.... doubt know where i am sitting yet, work bought tickets for us, so i am praying for a box ;)
  8. how the hell you get tickets there!!!!

    i tried to get tickets ont he centre.. but ende dup only being about the get 3rd row behind the wurrenjeri way end jone a bit to the side.. and they were the best $65 tickets left in a group (4 of us are going)

    go the maroons!