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O'Rhylies scenic walks. QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shaneo25, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys just wandering wat the road is like from beaudesert to O'Rhylies scenic walks????
    I heard a wile ago there is quiet a long stretch of dirt u gotta get through... Is it all sealed road now and is it worth the ride out there????

  2. We rode up there a couple of years ago. Found the road fairly narrow with lots of cars (was a Sunday), road was pretty rough although bitumen all the way from what I remember. Nice ride through the rainforest.
  3. Cheers ametha, I am thinking bout runnin out there next week now, done tambo to canungra and back thismornin oh it was awsome, no heat and no traffic lol... Doesn't seem to matter how many times I go up there I still love it...
  4. I love the Tamborine/Canungra/Beaudesert ride, only thing is we live on the northside so then have to get through all the traffic to get home, that is a bit of a pain when all I want to do is get onto the open road. We mostly stick to the areas north or west of Brisbane, but now youve mentioned O'Reillys, its jogged my memory and so we are heading that way again soon!
  5. Haha nice, wen u head out there give us a buz and I'll join ya, even if I do go next week from wat I've heard ats the sorta place u'd be more than happy to go to again lol...
  6. I'd be obvioulsy causious going up there after the rain that was had last nite, especialy if we get more rain this week.
  7. y is that dangerous_dave?
  8. There are a few places along that road that would be ripe for some landslips after a bit of rain, might be rocks and crud on the road.

    I haven't been up the road for about a year, but last time we left OReillys around dusk to head back, almost hit a roo and definately hit about ten thousand bugs!

    It's a fun road, but yes very narrow in a lot of places so best hit it when it isn't going to be too busy, a couple of cattle grids, the bitumen is a bit crap in a few places but definately a nice ride up the mountain through the rainforest :D
  9. Well the goldy and surrounds got about 400mm of rain... I'd be trying to find an upto date road report, even if you ring O'Rylies themselves to check.