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Organised bike theft - western Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. it sadly came to my attention on friday that my co-worker's new bike was stolen from the Parramatta Westfield's carpark on friday morning. a limited edition zx600, like this
    what disturbs me about this theft, despite the fact he had only just gotten it back from it's first service, was how organised the theft was. car-park security actually showed someone RIDING IT OUT, TEN MINUTES after my co-worker had parked it. this wasn't just some van-grab job.
    more disturbing is the fact his new mechanic, in Granville, asked him for his work details. having one of the most cursed motorcycles ever made, my bike has seen it's fair share of mechanics. not a single one of them has ever asked me for my work address details.

    i understand most stolen sportsbikes suffer a terribly low recovery rate, with most of them disappearing as ghost track bikes. i'm hoping by posting this thread anyone getting their bike serviced near granville can be extra-vigilant, and not lose their 3rd testicle to some dreg.

  2. asked him for his work details

    There may be an innocent explanation to this, but I agree it sounds very suspect :evil:
  3. but does he work in westfields?

    if so then the asking and the stealing sound like a very dodgy coincidence.
  4. Many years ago I had work done on a bike I owned. It was custom front end work on the forks etc. stiffer springs upgraded brakes etc - it was stolen the same night. It was wheeled round the corner to a car park and the frame cut through to take the front end. Only the front end was taken - I got the rest of it back.

    I did a letter box drop of the neighbourhood to ask if anyone had seen or heard anything and a guy from the next street got in touch - his bike had been stolen a week or two earlier - again, right after being serviced at the same local mechanics.

    When I told the cops the first thing they asked was where was the work done. Apparently there was a pattern of thefts of bikes shortly after they had been serviced at this place. I don't think anyone was ever charged and the place shut down many years ago (I can't even remember the name) so it's entirely possible it was more than a coincidence.
  5. Very suspect. which is why I will only ever give mechanics my phone number.
  6. I do my own service, so i might end up pinching my bike and stripping it down :LOL:

    Its bad enough they rob you with the parts and labour costs
  7. he does indeed
  8. very dodgy. so what does your mate do? he can't be just sit there and grumbling around
  9. Ride away = Key cut. What's the name of the arsehole's shop.

    Name and shame, fcukers. :evil:
  10. Parramatta Westfields was a "hot spot" when I worked near there some 10 odd years ago. If your mate MUST park his next ride there suggest to him he ups the paranoia level to "11" and damn well weld the frame to the friggin girder supports. I hope he has good fortune somewhere with his loss, and a result in his case
  11. stupid question but disc lock on bike or f-ing big secure chain through rear wheel?
  12. Sounds very 'sus' ....
    I'd say take a look at his new mechanic
  13. I have always wondered why people who race bikes do not have to have the engine or chassis numbers verified as not being stolen. I'm sure many lifted bikes end up on race tracks.

    I'd be interested to know if the new mechanic has anything to do with HD's???

    I'd be going back to the new mechanic and having a nice talk to him....
  14. :shock: That's bad to hear that. It could be a coincidence but the mechanic definately sounds dodgy considering they just rode it away someone had time to make a key for it.............. Hope he was insured.

    That's interesting, don't track bikes have to have engine/VIN numbers recorded??? Don't they have to pass some form of CAMS inspection?
  15. +1 on the having a key or some other readily prepared means of riding it away that quickly. Suss.
  16. If he was seen riding the bike away he must have had a key... who would have had access to the keys I wonder and maybe enough time and access to code one to the bike...mechanic perhaps???

    New bikes have an encrypted immobilizer circuit in the keyhead...no key = no start!!!, you can jam a screwdriver down the key barrel all you like but no key with the matching code and the ECU will not allow the bike to start...

    I would be VERY sus about the mechanic...
  17. Feeling very privileged now.

    My work address is behind a steel crash gate and watched by a security guard 24/7. Wish other riders with a sled as sweet as that had the same benefit.
  18. Hope your friend finds his bike. I'd be so gutted if I owned a bike like that and it was stolen. I'd be putting the cops onto the mechanic and seeig if they can get anything out of him. Or just go to the workshop one night with your mate and have a look see.

  19. 10 minutes after he parked???? Riding away??? according to my calculations 1 + 1 = 2 right??? well the mechanic serviced it... the mechanic asjked for work details..... the stolen bike was ridden away....
    if it was a van job then there would be doubt... so unless the dealership that sold you the bike and had a spare key stole it... then it olnly leave 1 very logical explaination....


    it be getting my ass down there to ask questions on why he asked for my work address... if he stutters and cant give you a GOOD explanation then go to the police straight away and i think by giving them the information about how your bike was stolen, the questions by the mechanic.

    Good luck.
  20. Many years ago, My mate got locked up at the Bathhurst races,
    His Bonnie was parked in the main street, We were camped out of town and could not take his bike with us,
    So, SEVEN separate padlocks and chains were applied to his bike
    When we came back the next day, all seven padlocks and chains had been removed, they were all wrapped around the parking meter which the Bonnie was chained to and relocked,
    The Bonnie was still there, Obviously they did not want to steal my mates Bonnie, But to show us, that if they did want it, they could,

    Another one was a Beemer parked in Sydney, Three padlocks and chains,
    He came back, his Beemer still there, but the chains and padlocks were lying stretched out under the bike with the padlocks still locked.

    If they want it, they will get it,

    My security is, I park it were I can see it, If I cant see it, I dont park it there,
    Another one is, Hide it down the back some where, that cant be seen at all by any passerbys, Car or pedestrian,