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Organ Donor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Charmed, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. To register consent as an organ donor or more info Australians Donate

    I know in NSW our licences are marked if we wish to be donor.
    Yes I know its another plastic card in your wallet, but will also be much easier to find then a tiny letter on ones licence, that could very easily be overlooked.
  2. too bad none of my bits are suitable...everything's damaged now and only getting worse. :evil:

    kudos to those who can and do. :)
  3. About time someone made it a bit easier to register for this. Last time I was at Vic roads for something-or-other I tried to sign up. Had to go to another counter, fill in a form then give one bit to them and take the other bit home and post it somewhere myself.

    My response: CBF!

    By the way... that link seems to be down atm. Maybe the site is hosted in Melbourne, in the rain.

    You can also do it through Medicare: http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/services/aodr/how-register.shtml
  4. I'm noted as a donor on my license, I don't need a giant plastic card screaming 'please dont resuscitate me, I've got that liver your daughter needs to live' :wink: :LOL:
  5. QLD it is no longer recorded on your license, you have to do it seperately.
  6. Unfortunately the family of the deceased have the right of veto. That is a rule which should be changed, and now.

    If you want to donate make sure your next of kin will be in agreement.


    Trevor G
  7. Full donor here.... if someone else can benefit from my parts I wish them well... Just hope they dont take my dong....
  8. This is a very important point - make sure you discuss your wishes with regard to organ donation with your family/next of kin.

    Now if the we had an "opt out" system with no right of veto by family, donation rates would go through the roof.
  9. As a recipient (Kidney) I whole heartedly support the donor idea.
    There are many others I see regularly, who are alive today from donated organs.
    Unfortunately due to the medication required to keep a transplanted organs from being rejected, I am unable to donate :(
  10. Something I've always wanted to do, but its a waste of my time.

    Wife said she wouldn't let it happen so I haven't bothered.
  11. She can keep her favourite one! ;) ;)
  12. +1
  13. I'm a donor - I've told my husband, my parents and my twin sister so they know what I want when my soul's flown the coop!! No eyes or skin - they're pretty stuffed already!!

    When you know someone sitting around, waiting for the Donor Team to call and tell them to get to hospital because there is hope of a donor, it really hits home that it can be selfish to take it with you when you're gone, when your organs can help someone have a second shot at life.

    But it is a personal decision, you have to make the one that makes you feel right. :)
  14. Along the same sort of line, its also really important to have a Medical Power of Attorney out there. The normal Power of Attorney apparently doesn't cover medical stuff.

    Different states have different legislation on it, but I strongly suggest you look into it and get one.

    Bugger! This is all sounding like being responsible!!!