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Organ Donor

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by takagawa, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. hey, is anyone here an organ donor? I'm figuring I'll be ticking that little yellow box when I'm going for my licence this saturday. I see it as, its not really fair to think there'll be an organ around when I need one, if I'm not willing to give some away if god forbid something happened to me (discworld's igors?). I'm a blood donor too.

    No dibs on my kidneys though :p

  2. I picked up the paperwork the other day.

    If anyone can get some use from my carcass (AFTER I'm done with it!) that's fine by me.
  3. I think my organ will be claimed by science and put on display for people to be awed by.
  4. I am registered
    have been for some time..
    they can have it all....
    don't think i will need it 8)
  5. damn, I'd be pissed if when I die, turns out I needed all the parts, so I have to wait around till they're all gone.
  6. I've been an organ donor since I first got my licence! Also a blood donor!
  7. As a Transplant recipient, I applaud all those who are prepared to donate their organs.
    But make sure your family/loved ones are OK with your wish to donate, as many have refused to allow the donation to occur
  8. I was an organ donor, but when i had to renew my liscence my new one dosnt say i am!

    Considering all the money they spend on trying to attract people to donate, i didnt think they'd make it hard to stay a donor.
  9. I believe it should be an opt out system so you have to say you don't want to be rather than you want to be. Humans are lazy by nature and most wont get off their behinds to do the paper work.

    Also make sure your family are fully aware as all it takes is for one relative to say no and your organs stay in you.
  10. http://www.organdonor.com.au/cfm/SmartGate/Applications/LifeGift/default.cfm

    This practically over rides what it says on your license.
  11. For some reason I didn't like the idea of donatating my organs but a few years ago this changed, and I happily am now. :) If they can harvest anything useful, good on 'um. Been donating blood for years now also.
  12. yeah ummmm, what the hell use will i have for them after my lifeless carcass slides down the road? if they dont mind the bruising and pickeling then they're welcome to it all :D quick and easy way to shed a few kilos for the open casket too i spose :LOL:
  13. Thanks for the link Marty - I've just registered.

    They can have my corneas if they want 'em.

    What's the Roy Batty quote? "I have seen such things with your eyes..."?
  14. i am a donor however on my lisence i have it as donor s, which means they can have all my organs that will save a life.heart, liver, kidneys but i am not a spare parts shop, just think the person who gets your organs could be that lazy bum at the bike parts place that refuses to assist anyone with hard to get parts because it may cause his demise on his land games.be ironic wouldn`t it.
  15. Something i was told when i registered to donate my organs, Make sure you wishes are discussed and understood by your family. No matter what you sign or have on your licence, it is them that makes the final decision.

    It was also once mentioned to me that the tick on the licence is only as a guide that the person may wish to donate organs, the registry is the best place to record your wishes.

  16. I'm happy to be a source of spare parts. The alternative is to let them rot away or be burned to ash.

    Seems wasteful, given that they might bring great joy to some stranger and his or her family.
  17. i have just registered, not sure if they will use them though as they wont take my blood (being an unclean pommie)

    what, like '.....attack ships burning off the shoulder of orion'
  18. I think it might be earlier in the movie, where Batty & Leon menace the old chap in the rather chilly eye laboratory.

    As a certified BR otaku, I really should know!