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organ donor = yes, blood donor = no

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fishyben, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. There is a huge shortage of blood stock in australia as we keep getting ad's on the radio telling us, so i ring the red cross and offer up a arm full of mine only to be told "NO, i'm afraid you cannot give blood as you are from the UK" ummm why, i ask "CJD,(mad cows disease) if you have lived in the UK you are at risk so we cant take your blood until such times there is a test for CJD" Fine, i said.
    so they dont what my blood but they're happy to take my organs as it's ok for me to be an organ doner :? seems a bit daft to me, i gave blood in the UK (felt it was my duty as i had 3 transfusions as a baby).
    Australias blood banks would be overflowing if they let the poms in a the act, instead theres barely enough to fill an egg cup.

  2. It's truly weird they don't reject you as an organ donor on the same basis.

    There must be a reason though. I guess... :-k
  3. Tis very strange, unless they want to put my organs into a cow :?:
  4. They'll happily put you on a organ donor list, but when it comes time to receive they will be rejected. By the time your organs are received, they may have a test, so they will be able to check and still take your organs. But, if they don't at least put you on the list, then they'll never have the option to test and/or receive.
  5. They don't want your colonialist Pommie blood being mixed with our pure Aussie stock, silly! :LOL:

    {Just joking, of course, and I know a couple of other UK citizens caught in the same anomoly.}
  6. What about the god knows "how many aussie's"who spend time in the UK and Europe are they allowed to give blood on their return home or are they naturally immume to CJD
  7. It's amazing what a drawn-out and time consuming process it is to donate blood, considering they're so desperate for stocks.

    I ring 'em up and get knocked back because it's only 2 and a half months since my last donation and they need three (?)

    Then I get an appointment, and roll up and still have to wait for an hour to three hours.

  8. That's the big reason I don't donate anymore. I'm busy as hell with work these days and they simply can not keep an appointment. I tried about 3 times and had to leave before they got to me simply because I had to get back to work and they were hours behind. The last time I'd left four hours and they still didn't get to me.
  9. There is no natural immunity to prion particle diseases like CJD (mad cow variant), so without the test, donation of blood or tissue is a no go.

    My thinking is that your blood type should be on your Medicare card, and if you're not prepared to be an organ donor then you don't deserve to have a Medicare card. I have an enlarged heart and take a heap of medication so my heart, kidneys and liver aren't much good to anyone, but that doesn't stop me donating my corneas, skin and maybe other bits and pieces that may be of use to someone else.
  10. Dont U think its a bit much to be saying if youre not prepared to
    be an organ donor, you shouldnt have a medicare card?

    I'll tell u why its not a wise statement or train of thought using myself
    as an eg.

    I've agreed to have my organs donated when I die OK, so using your
    idea of how things should be, that would entitle me to a Medicare card.

    I die..

    My wife steps in & denies access to my organs (as she legally can do)

    What now? You now gonna take my medicare card away? :LOL:

    Your idea is defeated already?
  11. I'm the same.. they can have my organs if i don't need them anymore..

    but giving blood i have a tendency to pass out so that's ruled out..
  12. Hi Kishy

    That's my point. The law needs to be changed so that everyone is a donor. If people's religious beliefs preclude them from being donors that's fine, but they miss out on Medicare too. Maybe their god will look after them.
  13. :grin: :grin:

    Anything to increase our donor rate anyways. I'm thinking we have
    one of the lowest rates in the western world.

    Way I see it is, when I'm dead & gone, take whateva they can from
    my body to give someone else a life; but it is a hard thing for some
    people to do when their loved ones have passed away. I've told my wife
    to donate my organs but whether she actually allows is another story.

    When my mother passed away I was asked the Q; and I refused
    permission for them to take anything out of her.

    So its something I believe that is easier said than done.

  14. hehe :grin:

    Only reason I've neva donated blood B4 is bc of sheer lazyiness :oops:
  15. My point exactly Kishy!
  16. IIRC, you're asked if you were in the UK between certain dates. If the answer's "Yes", they won't accept you as a donor.
  17. dont get me started on those penny pinching bastards at the blood bank .
    They could have plenty of blood PLENTY but they choose not too.
    they want the burden and costs placed on you .
    here is a quick example , leaving out logistics which can easily be fixed etc

    toyrun each year 20,000 riders in one place , prior to christmas
    5 bus's ( or even the Armys help setting up taking stations which they can do)
    10% of them donate , thats 2000 bags of blood.

    why dont they do it ?
    COST : they dont want to employ staff for the day
    The cost of the bus's out for the day

    we asked a year ahead tried to book it for the next toyrun , but they refused and wont even look at it .

    the would rather have the blood challenge as people come to them , and it costs them nothing .

    the blood bank have become the biggest penny pinching mongrals and they say again THEY are jepodizing peoples lives not the public .

    ever tried orginising a ride to the blood bank ?
    they wont take more than 20 people , and then they have rules and conditions on your appointment etc
    if you were going to turn up with 50 bikes you think they could block off 2-3 just for you and get you in and out , but no .

    i still donate blood occassionally , but when these p[eople realise its not a business its lives they are pissing around with then i woill donate more often and orginise rides for it .
  18. I have to admit the Australian Red Cross took a major dive in my estimation after the Bali bombing appeal. Maybe it's time for a government organisation like the IMVS to take over the blood bank?
  19. To get more blood all they need to do is make it quick and easy to donate.

    If you could book an appointment and be in and out quickly, they'd have 5 times more people donating.
  20. Cost aside, is it really a good idea for those riders to be going back onto the road when they're short of blood?

    Especially on a warm summer's day?

    Sure, only a small percentage of people might be affected - but out of 20,000 riders that's still quite a few.

    Yes - the Red Cross have a lot of flaws / problems - but I'm not sure that taking blood at a large ride type event is a good idea.