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Organ Donation. Myths, Facts, DO IT.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by say_wat, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. "..there were only 247 deceased organ donors last year, meeting less than half of the overall need for transplants."

    It is a fact that us motorcyclists have a greater risk of death on the roads. I was hoping to remind and encourage my fellow netriders to register as organ donors. There are many myths and rumours surrounding the issue and certainly not enough discussion. The donatelife website is a great start in better informing ourselves on organ donation:


    The very first point on the above website is particularly important. I know of a few people who are registered but that itself is not enough. We have to make our families (next of kin) aware of the fact that we intend to donate as they will be giving the final permission.

    Registering as a donor has never been easier! You can register online on the medicare website. Make sure to discuss the issue with your family and make them aware of your intentions:


    Think about it - what if you or your loved one required a transplant...

    I understand that we may be tempted to pipe up with puns about 'organ' donations, but try to tune that down a little

  2. I am - I have, my little sticker is on my license and has been for years.
  3. The collective population thanks you! Who else is registered, and who is planning to register!

    Lets live up to our reputation as "Organ donors" riding "Donor cycles" (in a positive way).
  4. They really should change the system to "opt out" rather than "opt in".
  5. I always intended to be a donor. I didnt know how to go about registering, but told all my family and freinds my intentions. Thanks to your link, i'll register officially! ta
  6. They should also let US have the last say, not our families. It's a personal decision, and a personal decision alone!

    Am registered - have always been.
  7. Agree - your family can override your decision to donate - and that stinks!

    I'm registered but there probably won't be much they can use :)
  8. Definitely should be an opt out system. Would help so many people who otherwise don't have a chance.
  9. What is the use of registering if some else has the final say? why wouldn't i just let them know what my wishes are? I only seems useful if I have no family.

    FYI I've been on the register for a long time
  10. +1 Stu

    People although maybe good intentioed tend to be slack about getting around to doing this. Opting out would fic that without taking from anyone who had strong objections to donating.
  11. + another one for "opt out".
    Been registered myself forever, son opted in last year when he got his L's, since we already discussed it.
  12. I'm a full organ donor and again, opt out not in would be my vote. It'll help keep so many people alive. Could be one of us!
  13. yes, it's good on the license, but it's not the same as actually signing paperwork to be an organ donor.
  14. Not donating is pretty, uh, left of the bell curve.

    …and if any of my family tries to override my decision, I pray there's an afterlife because I will haunt their shit.

    Also if I ever have anything worth fighting over, my will is going to have a stipulation that if anyone tried to stop my organs from being used, that person gets nothing.
  15. I've been registered for a while now, they sent me a card after I registered.

    I agree with opt out but I can't see the pollies having the balls to bring it in.
  16. i don't think my liver will do anyone any good....
  17. +1 for already done
  18. Yes my wife wouldn't dare go against my wishes.

    And even my 13 year old son is wise enough to say. " of
    Course they can have what they like. I won't be needin it !"

    And. ... Even the wife is coming around.
  19. been registered for years... i'm a blood donor now too...

    Seriously, you're dead, wtf do you need it for? Especially if you are being cremated.

    EDIT: Also, if we donate our organs its cool to think suddenly there will be a bunch of old people wanting to drag knees and pull monos :D
  20. +1 for the opt-out as opposed to opt-in.

    Always been a organ donor since I renewed my licence after I turned 18 and will continue to be one for many years to come - hopefully ;)