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.org.au available again!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by carver, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. hey everyone,
    i have some great news!

    after a private heart-to-heart with the superintendent of the .org.au domain
    he has revealed to me the crux of the problem is that
    he believes current the admin are very naughty boys,
    and have become a law unto themselves.

    the raison d'ĂȘtre behind this whole sordid affair
    has been to show the boys that no matter how powerful they get,
    there is always going to be someone to pull them back into line,
    and the superintendent is just making his presence felt.

    in an effort to resolve this situation quickly
    i have offered my services in an overseeing capacity,
    somewhat like the senate (upper house),
    to keep the boys in line.

    i now have the pleasure of announcing that the superintendent has graciously accepted my offer!

    you want to get .org.au going again,
    you talk to me!

  2. Im not that up to speed on the whole internet thing... whats the difference between org and com? If we have org, why do we need com? I'm not having a go, just curious.

    That naughy boys link goes to a monty python dialog, BTW.

    Must be april fool I smell, I think its me :oops:
  3. The 'naughty boy' reference is a line from the Life Of Brian.

    It pays to have all the p[ossible combinations of domains, ie .org, .net and .com to stop other people registering it and pretending to be you.
  4. Yes very true and that's why I just registered 'NetRider' in 24 countries :D

    I will be rich, RICH I say :p
  5. So that'll be Wednesday night coffee in Kazakhstan?

  6. Turkish coffee on Thursday :p