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Orders Being Taken

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tomcatalex, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Orders Being Taken, but have any orders been taken?

  2. A panda that transforms into a motorcycle - I want one! It does start off as a panda, right?
  3. seagull
  4. clearly looks like a Great White Shark , mouth open, about to eat the front wheel.........
  5. I don't think people are going to queue up overnight to place their orders for this one, especially at the price Honda is asking.

    Even if I was in a market for this kind of bike I'd rather get Aprilia Mana.
  6. I hope I can get a ride on one.
  7. The Honda DN-01...I like it, although I'm sure it's going to be pricey, but it is fairly unique being a 6 speed automatic sports tourer. I wouldn't mind taking one for a test ride.
  8. Mate you love your test rides!
  9. Hell yeah, especially on bikes chock full o' wacky new tekonogical feechas.
  10. Are most motorcylists nerds at heart?? :grin:
  11. What is the price then ??
    And how do you know ??
  12. Saw one here in Brunei, they're ugly in person too. I think i'ld rather have a scooter, at least it would look ride and feel like a scooter...instead of being some weird bike scooter hybrid.
  13. the DN-01 is a technology excercise.. Honda do not believe it to be a money maker like the Blades and CRF's... they are making it because they can..
  14. OK, I don't know the Australian price but I do know it went on sale in the UK at 9,200 pounds, as compared to 6,100 pounds for Aprilia Mana.

    Knowing Honda Australia they will not be offering us any bargains compared to pricing in other parts of the world.

    We know the price of Aprilia Mana in Oz: A$16,990.

    So I expect Honda Australia will ask for A$18,000 at the very least . Possibly 19,000.
    But hey, you're the one with the inside info from Honda - you tell me...
  15. Yeah, it's not gonna be cheap. But it's so weird and different that I'd like to get an idea of what exactly it's *for.*
  16. The Honda DN-01. Because Scooter riders want nods to.
  17. Yeah, it's puzzling and I suspect Honda themselves don't really know what it is supposed to be.

    With its massive weight and anemic engine it is not much of a sportsbike.

    With its lack of any storage space or optional luggage combined with complete lack of wind protection it is not much of a long distance bike either. The same shortcomings - lack of weather protection, storage and its weight also make it an inferior (but more expensive) commuter when compared to an ordinary scooter.

    With its out-there styling and mere 700cc engine it won't appeal to cruising crowd either.

    So who's left?!?

    When I saw the first model of this bike there was no mention of how it was going to be powered and I thought they were going to use a large engine (something like the 1800cc V-twin from their cruisers) and make it into a 'because we can' model that would compete with B-King and VMax but with auto transmission - something that would cost a bundle but would send the message of 'auto doesn't have to be boring, it's not just something for girls, girly-men and scooters!' ... I still think that's what they should've done. But no - instead they created a bike that is too unimpressive on spec to make a cool toy, too unpractical to be a real-world workhorse and yet still too expensive to be considered by anyone with even a shred of sense.

    Complete waste of effort!
  18. A polar bear riding a panda bear that turns into a motorbike :LOL: