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NSW Ordering plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sweedishchef, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking to pick my bike up on the 14th June (in 11 days) but wanted to order custom plates before then (takes 21 days for delivery in NSW). On the myplates website you need to put in the details of the current rego holder for pro-rata reasons.

    Has anyone had any experience with ordering the plates before the registration is transferred into your name ? Will be picking it up 2nd hand from a dealer (bike currently has rego)

    Thanks in advance,

    The Chef
  2. The bike has got to be in your name before you can go and change the plates.
  3. Agreed that i wouldnt be able to change the plates until it is in my name, but would it be wrong to order the new plates now, knowing that the order takes 21 days and that ill be picking the bike up in 11 days
  4. I've not tried to do what you are trying to do. Maybe the dealer can help. Or just ring MyPlates and see if there is anything they can do to help.
  5. if the bike already has rego, wait till it is in your name.

    the bike wont feel any different with ugly yellow plates on it. just wait it out.

    one more thing... when you are in the car park getting ready to pick up your new piece of tin, removing your number plate, you will get strange looks.
  6. Don't get those funny looks in the car park out my way. When I've changed plates, these usually one or more other people in the car park (On Saturday mornings) doing the same thing.
  7. crowded shopping centre car park, lunch time... you get all sorts of looks
  8. Oh now I get it. There are only two motor registries that I regularly use and both are stand alone and not in a Shopping Centre.
  9. Hey all. Spoke to the slightly helpful people at MyPlates and they've ordered them as a 'gift' so that I can order them now and pick them up when they come in.

    When I changed the number plate on my car last time I had a copper pull up and question me for 10 mins (apparently someone had been stealing plates from that carpark earlier in the day)