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ordering parts in from USA does this attract a tax

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by littleal, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. G"day all,
    I have a need to order psrts in from the usa,
    Question is is there any charge other than the normal shipping cost (like a customs charge etc)?
    The package will be marked antique motorcycle parts!

    thanks in advance
  2. iirc items with a value over $500 may attract a customs fee... But I could be wrong.
  3. I think it is $1000, but the Customs page will tell you.
  4. From memory a $1000 sounds about right.
  5. Those who said AU$1000 including postage charges are correct.
    After that you are eligible for customs duties, GST etc.
  6. My friend ordered stuff for around $980. He thought he would be ok, but then was made to pay duty as the postage pushed it over $1000.
  7. Im about to order panniers from te states and dont have a clue how you actually pay duty? do they keep your stuff and send you a bill? or do you have to contact them?
  8. Basically, yes.
  9. The website states you need to lodge an import form??
  10. Generally if your goods are pulled up, you will get a notice via mail, fax, or email from Australia Post / Australian Customs.
    If you receive this ( and other documents asking for an import clearance ) you will need to arrange clearance through Customs and pay any duty/GST and clearance fees.

    It is quite difficult to try and do yourself as you have to work out the tariff classification, amount of duty and register with Customs etc - cheaper and less hassles to get a customs broker to do it for you.

    If the value is under AUD$1000 then no duty/ GST is payable - probably only a clearance fee ( excluding engines and exhausts )

    PM me if you want more info ( I am a customs broker )
  11. Be careful, some sellers charge the tax regardless. Have copped it a couple of times..
  12. tell them to mark it as a gift
  13. If the value of the good itself is under $1000 then you don't need to pay any tax or duty. That is the value excluding shipping cost. For example $950 part + $200 shipping is still untaxed. However if the value of the good is over $1000 you will get taxed on the good and shipping.

    Mark the good as a gift at your own risk. I believe it no longer works.
  14. Reread the customs website, that doesn't sound correct.

  15. Please quote the part on the customs website that shows that I’m incorrect. Based on my experience and a few dozen other people on another forum, what I states was the case for electronic goods we ordered.

    Are you sure it was the shipping cost and not exchange rate variations that pushed it over. $980 is cutting it pretty close.
  16. The AUD$1000 threshold is based on the value of the goods only - freight/shipping costs are not taken into consideration ( unless deducting to get back to the true price of the value of the goods ).
    Any goods over the AUD$1000 will incur duty and Customs GST fees

    Remember - it is 1000 australian dollars ( about USD$650 with current exchange rate - approx )

    Link = http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4264
  17. I remember when I ordered my alpinestars jacket from America, they marked the value as $90!

    I didn't ask them to do this, I guess they just assumed that anything over $100 might get charged.