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Ordering gear from the US

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cam77, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Hi guys.

    I am just researching my first set of leathers/boots etc.

    I notice that things are very cheap in the US compared with over here. Comparing MCAS with www.motorcycle-superstore.com, some of the US prices are nearly half price. For example:

    AlpineStars TZ1 Leather jacket:
    MCAS price $799
    US price - $US279 = approx $425 Australian

    AlpineStars SMX plus boots
    MCAS price $470
    US price $US279 = approx $372 Australian.

    Am I missing something here, why the difference? :shock: :? :?

    Would it be silly to go to MCAS for a fitting, and then order from the States? I am sure there is a risk attached, but how much risk from a large brand name with (hopefully) standardised sizes?

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
  2. your're not missing anything, australia sucks as far as being a consumer is concerned. importing from the US is the way to go, i have brought in everything from scuba gear to alpinestar boots, even if you have to pay postage you still end up at least 40% better off.

    just ask them to put it down as a gift so you don't have to pay taxes. i'll be importing a nice jacket in the near future, if i need to know a size i just try it on at peter stevens to get the correct size as you suggested.
  3. Has anyone asked motorcycle-superstore.com to send an item marked as gift before? Do they do it?
  4. or a whole kit ;) :D :D
  5. There are risks and drawbacks.

    Postage on larger items is steep.

    If the item is couriered it is likely to be inspected by customs and you'll be taxed if they don't believe that a US retailer is sending gifts around the world. (And some US suppliers only courier since UPS is not reliable).

    Some suppliers won't take Oz credit card orders because of fraud.

    If you run into a fit or quality problem, return shipping is down to you (and most big-name leather goods are made in China, Korea or Pakistan and sometimes the factory gets the sizing wrong. Even when they don't size standards vary from country to country).
  6. Postage is usually the killer. Heaps better from the US than from the UK though. Every retailer (mostly through eBay) that I've dealt with has put the cost down significantly and a couple have put down their personal addresses as a return address.
    So far for me %100 happy. Buy off a bigger eBay seller or store. Some stores don't ship outside the US as they have deals with their suppliers wanting to look after local distributors here. One thing you can't expect however, is after sales service.
  7. :arrow: http://www.buymoto.com/ free shipping world-wide

    i've used them, they rock. free express shipping marked as a gift. gooood option. i was actually their first international customer so i was somewhat worried but they did a great job.
  8. next year i will be in canada, if you want anything bought and shipped let me know
  9. Kind offer roundabout.

    Canada is often a better option for international purchases since the exchange rate is better.
  10. Yes I import just about everything - hard cases, windscreens, parts, boots, helmets ;) - Aussie mark-ups are a pure rip off!

    You can save on postage by using sea-mail.... it just takes 6 weeks to get here though! I know someone that has a container come over now and then so it is not too bad.... but a lot of hassel timing everything.
  11. I have dropped a few PM's on this as well (thank you for the replies :) ) but I was wondering if people who had ordered from OS would mind posting the sites on here. I tried the one which slyfox suggested, but unfortunately they no longer ship internationally.

    There is always a risk in ordering overseas, so if we could get the names of a few places which netriders have found to be trustworthy/reliable I think that would a great help to those wanting to order stuff from OS. Any suggestions appreciated (I am after boots and a jacket, but I am sure others would be interested in parts etc).

  12. just been loooking at the motorcycle superstore and when i go to check out to see the shipping costs and all this comes up:

    Due to issues with the items in your cart, you are currently unable to checkout.
    These issues may be the result of country import, licensing, total shipping weight, or other restrictions.

    Doesn't matter what i put into my checkout it still comes up? anything i'm missin here?
  13. A friend of mine has found a "dealer" in texas... This guy will buy any thing in US (motorcycle related)... You find the item.. send him details (or the add) and he will go and find it cheaper or buy it from where you pointed him to... The cach?? My mate will not let me order any thing directly... it all goes through him... He takes %10 to %20 to put in the order and the "dealer" takes another %$$... in the end it only works out a little bit cheaper...

    I suspect it is my mates sister in the US... so if any one has any family or friends.... Hint hint...
  14. I got the same message on some items, other items I was okay to checkout, but the postage was pretty steep
  15. Some of their suppliers may impose restrictions on where items can be sold/shipped to due to exclusive import arrangements.

    Some US retailers won't accept online credit card orders from other countries due to fraud in the past. Some will take an email order with fax or phone confirmation of card details.
  16. jeez, man, scorpion or racemaster could make you a jacket better than that for less than that; they sell a complete set of leathers in 1.8mm leather and covered seams for around the cost of that jacket.
    (but if that's what you want, hey, buy it and wear it!)
  17. I agree hornet, I didn't say it was a good price for a jacket, its just a good price for that jacket :)

    I am also looking at getting some boots from the same place. They aren't quite as cheap once you include postage - you only save $200 instead of $300 - i love the internet :D

  18. i love that icon jacket, looks heaps cool! front is nicer than the back though
  19. Yeah ive never seen that icon stuff before... is that available anywhere here? Some of it looks alright...