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Ordering from abroad? A query.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by agttr, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I've ordered some handle bars from B&C Express in the UK only to receive an email back from them that reads as such:

    Thank you for your order via our website.

    As the automated card transaction that took place at the time only
    authorised the amount of the transaction, we need to verify the name and
    address details.

    Can you therefore fax (+44 1522 794262) or email us a copy bank statement,
    or a driving licence, or a passport showing your name and address.

    This query is being dealt with by Tracey or Theresa.


    B & C Express"

    Now I've bought plenty of stuff over the net over the years and I can't recall anytime having to send a copy of bank statement/licence or passport. Is that the norm? Am I being overly cautious? Would I be better off looking elsewhere? I've already sent them my details in the initial transaction. Why would they need a copy?

    Also has anyone here dealt with them and how did it go? I'm more than happy for the transaction to go ahead but not sure what to make of the verification request as I've never being asked it before.
  2. They seem a reputable and large company. I'd call them to verify and validate their request.
  3. its not uncommon, in the UK IIRC.

    Best bet would be to pull the phone number of yellowpages.co.uk and call them direct, with A number you were not given. If it's all hunky dory, then you have nought to worry about and a 2 min phone call can get you that.
  4. The number on their website is the same as the OP. Should be safe, but I'd definitely call, just to be sure.
  5. yeah u should be careful when ordering broads online. last time all i got was a blow up doll - very misleading advertising!
  6. Dropped in to make sure somebody made a 'broad' gag. Thank you Es.
  7. So............this blow up doll.............is it for sale..................it's just that a friend, yeh thats right a friend was looking for one
  8. I buy from Abroad all the time. I have had to scan and email a copy of my licence and credit card. If it reduced fraud, all good. I understand the risks of ID fraud
  9. no but i do have a blow up sheep if that suits? only slightly marked.
  10. What kind of sick pervert do you take me for?

    PS: My address is 345 St Georges road, Fitzroy.
  11. Dont give away your 100 points of ID, this is just out of question.
    its un-necessary information for a transaction for motorcycle parts? its not a contract ffs.
  12. Perhaps, but they have what I want and the only way to get it from them or their competitor is to give them enough ID to prevent credit card fraud.

    Seems a fair swap to me ;)
  13. I've thought the same as you vic in that it's their way of reducing/fighting credit card fraud. In that sense it's good that they are looking out for the customer.

    I've been in touch with them to let them know of my concern in handing over a copy of my license/passport and asked if I could send them a copy of a utility bill or council rates as they have my name and address on them. Their reply was:

    Hi there

    I completely understand, yes a utility bill should be ok, so long as it
    clearly shows your name and address. Most people make a copy of their
    I.D and black out any sensitive information before sending.

    Please go ahead and send the utility bill and we'll let you let you know
    either way.

    Kind regards and sorry for the inconvenience.


    Glad to know I can blank out what's not necessary. Hope this helps others if they're ordering from O/S. Anyway, I'm about to send off a bill/rates to help get my bars down here.
  14. Bars arrived on Wed, picked them up on Thurs and very happy with the bars and the prompt service/delivery.

    After all the questioning/debating over sending personal info to them, I opted to send them a copy of my license with only my name and address showing.