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Ordering exhausts from overseas

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ford Fairlane, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    looking at getting some short shots for my xvs 650 but when i sent custom cruising a question about whether or not my model is a california or 49 states model, they replied with this..

    "Good afternoon,

    Typically the Australian bikes use the 49 state model.

    Please note, this product has only been tested on US production motorcycle and may not fit a non US production model."

    Has anyone ordered exhausts from these guys and do i have to be worried about my model being different to a US model?

    Any info/experience would be appreciated as i cant afford to pay $800 in oz versus $500 odd overseas

    Thanks guys!
  2. You should be able to get them here for $500.
    Talk to a few more agents.
    Also, if you can confirm the V&H part number at a local supplier then it will be easy to have the part number matched.
  3. Based on current conversion rates the 500 USD is pretty much on par with 800 oz dollars anyway. Unless of course is 500 oz dollars from the overseas supplier. But even then how much to ship it make sure there are no duties or taxes that may have to be paid and the other thing to look at its easier to get warranty from someone here if there's a fault with the goods or if they're damaged in transit.
  4. nah ive already done the conversion.. They are $359 us dollars compared to $700 here (sorry i said $800 before)

    Still doing the research too, hence asking around for people who might have done similar? Id love to buy them here but cant justify that much extra
  5. I bought some Cruzers for my 650 (when I had it) about 3 years ago at Peter Stephens for less than $500 .
  6. Limited range on Peter Stephens website.. not listed :(
  7. Give them a call or send the parts dept an email.
    They should be able to confirm the part number, and their current price.
    I thought V&H were distributed out of Sydney. Have you tried the importer ?
  8. i will send Peter Stephens an email.. Australian distributor is listed as Cassons who have it at $679
  9. Understand exactly what you're saying, had a 900cc Vulcan that burnt out 2 stators first one i bought genuine lasted 18 months cost a motza. Then got one from a guy on the US nearly 300 cheaper heavier duty and came with all the gear to fit it. Wrote the bike off 12 months after fitting it so never found out of it would last longer or not.
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  10. OMG! im sure i checked these guys out last week online... now thats more like it. Thanks!
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  11. Yeah, I bought a set of Cruzers from them last month.
    But be quick, as they said that the prices had risen and I had to show them the online price to get them at that price.
    Great pipes and easy to fit in about an hour!