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Ordered my first bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Simmo W, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. That's it, got my L's on Sunday, so just ordered this sweet looking Yamaha MT-07 in white today, complete with ABS. Feel rather spoiled, but heck, I'm 47 and NEED such things :)

    Should arrive within 2 weeks, it's gonna be a very long wait! Getting it delivered to home. Can't wait to join in the Saturday learners sessions. image. image.

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  2. Very nice indeed. I test rode one at trooper lu's and loved it
  3. What's trooper lu's like? I've read many mixed reviews, some not good at all, but some very generous... But I've been using flywheel at Marrickville recently and haven't had any issues, and I haven't read many nice things about that joint online either. Hmm
  4. That is a lovely bike by the way simmo, congratulations mate
  5. I've personally only heard good things about them.I've only went for a test ride and had tyre replaced by them.all seemed good from my experience.
  6. Good to hear... Cheers
  7. Congrats on the bike, looks great!!
  8. Awesome!

    I'm new on my motorcycle L's (I'm almost 40 and felt I deserve to be spoilt too lol) ... I have a brand new Yamaha YZF-R3 and love it! I'm still working on my confidence in some areas though, and have gained confidence in other areas of motorcycle riding :)
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  9. Well I'll be riding mine around the block like a 47yo on a new MB!
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  10. lol ... I'm loving it even though I've got a lot to learn! I'm sure you'll love it too!
  11. congrats on the new ride :]
  12. My Mate bought his MT09 from Trooper's. He did the full card pricing up everywhere and they worked out the best - even got an Akro pipe in the deal. His feedback's very positive.

    Nice 07, good bike you'll have fun
  13. I hope you enjoy the Mt-07, I know I love mine. As my first geared bike it taking a while to get used to. Good idea to ride around the block lots of times.
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  14. Goodonya! And yes its the longest wait! As an aside, had my xvs650 tuned at trooper lu's and my experience in dealing with them has been nothing but good, they have a valet service (costs extra) but was worth it for me.
  15. Well done Simmo. At 47 mate you've got lots of riding in you yet and hope you enjoy your new bike. The ultimate freedom machine.
  16. Neat bike, congrats!
  17. Congrats mate. I'm 40 and agreed you have to buy what your heart tells you!
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  18. Thanks everyone. Now I'm busting so hard to get the delivery! Might be late next week, aaargh!
  19. Great looking bike Simmo! (y)
    Congratulations...you must be counting the days haha!
    And I see you are in Vic....I got my new bike a few weeks ago and I have never been such a keen watcher of the weather forecast (for the weekends) as I am now!
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