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Ordered a new 2013 BMW R1200GS - delivery May

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Voz, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. After months of research, I finally decided that the 2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 was just too risky due the amount of problems reported and significant downtime in dealerships for the 2010-2012 model. Plus it would be a few thousand more than the BMW with increased insurance costs also.

    Today I plonked down a deposit on the new GS with all the options including dynamic suspension, LED headlights, cruise control, wire wheels, etc, etc.

    I will be getting my full license in May hence the reason for the delayed delivery, plus they are not shipping the first units until March/April anywayz.

    Think I am going to like this one....although lane splitting will be a bit more of a technical challenge as I schlep it into Sydney CBD every day. I think I might be able to ride over the cars anyway.


    Now I have to sell my 2012 Versys 650L, should be fun.
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  2. Nice.

    Did they throw in a steering damper?
  3. Nope, but I got a free BMW 55L bag (lol) and a salesmans commitment to a lifetime of blissful ownership and a loaner for any service event.
  4. Blissful ownership? Not while they're using the same switch gear as the K1600. 5000kms in and my left side is RS.
  5. Congrats Voz - can't wait for pics of your new baby
  6. that's an awesome bike. :)
  7. Well played sir.

    I'm also in the market for an adventure bike, but not sure whether I should go for the F800 or this.

    The heart says the 1200GS (mainly because the F800 is just too darn ugly), but the mind says the F800 would be more suited to off-road riding, which is mainly what I'm getting the bike for! (already have the CB for road riding)

    Did you get the Akra pipe as well??

  8. I was also interested in the F800 but given I have a 95% road bias I thought the 1200 would be more suitable. Plus I am unlikely to feel underpowered any time soon given that I am a heavy bastard and I always ride with luggage, shopping, etc. I also like the new suspension technology which to date is only avail on Multistrada and this BMW 1200 (in the adventure class of course).

    I will likely get a pipe some time afterwards, history shows that unless you are getting accessories for free then it is best to research them and add later.

    My main concern is the bikes ability to cut through traffic on my daily commute from Newtown to CBD north, she's a tad wide, about 112 mm wider than my already wide Versys 650.
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  9. Ah, just did a bit more research, now I understand your comment.

    I noted that many of the journos were talking about unexpected tank slappers on the launch bikes at relatively low speeds on unsealed roads. That is a little worrying especially since Kevin Ash was killed riding one of these at the launch.

    I hope they address any issues before releasing these models.
  10. What happened?

    Don't worry too much, steering dampers are reasonably priced and easily fitted.
  11. I like these, good bike.
  12. Good onya Voz (although it's not a Kwaka... :p) looks to be a very nice bike!
  13. Very nice mate!
  14. Well, I was thinking of the Versys 1000 which is excellent value at about ~$15,000 and it does have traction and ABS but I really want a bike with dynamic suspension, stability control and the latest hitech gadgets. I reckon most brands will have this option soon so I will probs pay a premium to be an early adopter.

    After a crazy Wisemans Ferry run yesterday on the Versys with my mate on his 1200GS with knobbies I can now see just how amazing these BM's are particularly when gravel is present. Really looking forard to more of this on a more capable and comfortable bike.

    Nice choice for you on the new Ninja, they really are an excellent road bike. Love your new avatar!
  15. You've been hanging around with crisis so much you're starting to chanel him
  16. Trading in the versys @Voz?
  17. Dunno, might try my hand at selling it privately.

    The guys at Procycles just looked at Bikesales took the cheapest Versys 650L for sale then took off a $1000 and offered that as a trade. Not ideal.

    Considering I bought it in May 2012 for $10K then added about $4000 in mods. I knew I was going to drop a bundle after a year as the Versys is not a popular bike, such is life.
  18. I think the Versys is a good bike, it would surprise me if you had trouble selling it at the right price, specially if all the mods are good.
    Personally I'd have a go at selling it before you take delivery of the new one, could be worth a grand or two, if it doesn't sell tell em to trade it.
  19. Yeah, that was kind of the plan. Just have to strip a few things off before sale and decide if I sell with luggage, etc.

    This Versys is a pretty good bike for me, does everything I ask of it and I have not found it's limits. I also load up every day with a top box, tanks bag & rear seat bag, has an excellent chassis for being ass pack mule around town.

    The new BMW is getting bad press at the moment with all the recalls. Does look as though some items on the new bike were not properly tested before production.

    Hopefully all sorted before May, I will be keeping a very close eye on forums.
  20. congratulations. however, i cant help but think, you bought the biggest adventure touring motorcycle (both by displacement and wet weight) in the market and have not even come off restrictions.

    sure, your money, your call. at the risk of sounding pedantic, nosy and irksome, I will say that you do some rider training. do go on the dirt alone, picking up a 260 kg bmw on a fire trail is hardwork.. get a SPOT GPS if you're going to be riding the bush, do some more rider training...

    and dont put knobby tyres on it if you're going to commute on it. it looks stupid. other than that, go buy some bmw merchandise, do the yearly bmw safari. and have fun.