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order a book online...convenient, right?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. well, no...unless you live in the US of freak'n' A, eh!

    have ordered numerous things in the past, included books, without a problem until now.

    1/ ordered a few books from amazon. expected delivery date of total shipment, which was in two parts, was for the 05th feb.

    1st delivery arrived early to my surprise.

    2nd shipment...well...still farking waiting! consider it lost. aust. post aren't any help as it was shipped IMEX but thankfully amazon tell me that they will honor the rather expensive order. try not to stuff it this time around aust. post!

    2/ angus and roberston had offered free delivery early this yr so i thought i'd buy a cple of books...well, still waiting! oh, and it seems they aren't in a hurry to answer my queries anytime soon. PATHETIC!
  2. OMFG!! You've got the same problem I've had! My sis bought a few books for me when I broke my leg in November via A&R internet service (she's in the UK) and one of them was supposed to be XYZ fantasy novel but instead I received Jana Wendts autobiography :sick: ! I sent it back and called and emailed A&R (who didn't give a shit) and guess what, I just received the book a week ago. What are we in now... February? Agreed

  3. Most of these online stores claim that can can deliver everything. But they are ordering it in from the publisher = ++months

    You need to email them first to make sure they have it in stock. If not ask when and then reminder emails every 2 weeks.

    Amazon states if in stock. Use USA amazon, much cheaper postage.
    Google ISBN, you get all the shops that have it. I use seekbooks for the discount to virgin credit card, or booktopia as you can pick up (artarmon)..
  4. If you order my book you have to wait while it's printed first! But it still arrives in a couple of weeks most times. Sad to hear of Aus Post losing books. There should be a law about that!
  5. Its called "just in time" printing, saves costs of not having to print things all at once, and paying for storage, publishers should be able to send the PDF to the printers who should be able to wack it out within a few days. Then ships direct to you.

    About shipping, things get lost, it happens, the sender claims insurance and re-sends the items. No biggie, except for the time wasted.

    A&R sending the wrong item is just screwy tho...

    [random man in warehouse]Damn we're outta stock, i'll just send this one, i'm sure they'll like it[/random]
    [publisher]OK, file number 123456 (which had been overwritten by the newbie in the office) send to printers[/pub]
  6. With so many Aussie stores why the hell are you buying overseas anyway?

    And did Aus Post lose anything of yours? Your jumble of a sentence leaves me wondering.
  7. No, it's called POD - Print On Demand.

    Or are you talking to him?

  8. Because the Aussie stores order their books from overseas (the ones not in stock). So instead of waiting from them to order it in and then send it to me, i order it from the source and save time and money..
  9. To anyone...

    Marketing may have called it PoD... but the theory is "just in time", learnt about it in Uni.
  10. But at the end of the day you have somewhere/one to front up to and say "where's my book damn it!" ;)

  11. These days there's a thing called email. So I walk into an Aussie bookshop and if they haven't got the book in stock they generally email the people that publish the book and its sent out.

    On the flip side, if you order a book from overseas and they haven't got the book in stock they generally email the people that publish the book and its sent out.

    The days of sending a carrier pigeon from Aus to the US are over.
  12. "chill'ax", peeps :p

    well, i order where i feel i'm getting the better price.

    sometimes in-store may not have it in stock or the mark-up is just plain silly so i go elsewhere, naturally.

    i do buy from dymocks online and even in-store on the odd occasion @ AR or wherever.

    'bonkers': yes, i think it's safe to presume that aust. post has lost MY items that i had purchased from amazon(US).

    still waiting on YOUR reply anus & poopersun! :evil:
  13. Are you for real? Email? does that thing exist? If it's not in the Sydney Gazette, it must be a rumor.

    Ok Bonkers, i thought my post made sense, i was wrong, let me spell out the obvious then.

    A) Aussie stores order their books from overseas = 1 day
    8) Overseas sort the book = 1 day
    C) Overseas sends book = 1 week
    D) Aussie stores receives book and sorts it out for sending it to you = 1 day
    E) Aussie store sends book= 2 days

    If you order it yourself, you skip A+D+E and a mark up in price...

    I apologise, i should have been clearer. I was a bit lost at that time, as a voice came from my computer telling me that "you got mail" and i was trying to find my silver letter opener
  14. the publisher? author? do tell?
  15. ummm, the publisher, if they have their own online store, or amazon. Even from Lulu, where the publisher and the author is the same person.. Want a copy? :p
    I thought that amazon gives you a tracking number... :?

  16. as indicated in the email regarding my lost purchase:

  17. :? .. that's like.. nothing for you.. But i think that under amazon, there are different suppliers and that could be the way that supplier does its shipping. Amazon has a warehouse and sends stuff too, but not always.. If they say that the item arrived in here, then a trip to the local post shop is due... bad luck i say :cry:
    However, you can tell amazon and they will do something about it "If after contacting the merchant you still have not received your item, you may be eligible for reimbursement under our A-to-z Guarantee" etc...
  18. Two months ago I ordered 5 books from Amazon. All of them were available and all of them were supposed to be sent as one package. Well, Amazon split my order into 3 packages and sent all of them at the same time. They charged me for 3 shipments instead of 1 like I've chosen at the checkout. I wasn't happy! I've sent email to support, but there was no reply...
  19. typically, items delivered to do door are left at the doorstep. quite possibly could have been stolen but i'm dismissing this cus i live in a predominantly low crime area( or so i tell myself ) and i was home the week of the estimated delivery day. though, some cnut did steal my hose some mths ago...

    if mail is registered and no one is home a card is left for you to present when you go to pick it up at the post office. reminders come in the mail, for registered or bulky deliveries. if you forget or can't be bothered to pick it up the first or 2nd time a reminder is left then it is returned to sender.

    no "come and get it card" has been left.

    i've been in contact with 'anal post.' they are effectively useless without providing some sort of tracking number.

    as mentioned, amazon are willing to honor the purchase and send, at no cost to me, another order.

    amazon have been quick to respond and sort this mess out.

    fingers crossed for the 3rd of march.


    'Nuff': not good to hear. i suggest you try again.