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ORC of a new and second hand bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romie, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me with the ORC of buying a new or second hand bike. Im going to go bike hunting this weekend but finding a 2nd hard drz400sm is abit hard in sydney. Im 95% sure I want to get a drz400sm, I got the money and this will be my first bike as a learner. What im wondering is how much am I looking to pay for a new or second hand bike toget it on the road. Im done a search for onroad costs but im getting abit confused by it all.

    So lets say I buy new, the rrp is 8900 including gstr, how much will it be drive away?, any hints on haggling the bike price, getting free or discounted orcs, what to expect etc

    and then if I was going to buy a 2nd hand drz400sm for 6000$, what fees and stuff and I looking at to get it on the road? What do I check to make sure its all good to buy. All I know is a revs check atm, not sure what else would have to be checked minus the bike.

    edit: Would using cash give me more bargaining power to?

    Anyhelp would be great as Id like to get the most of buck without getting ripped off.
  2. if you opt to buy new, this is just an idea> http://www.discountnewbikes.com.au/suzuki/dr-z400sm/suzu09ij.aspx
    ...submit your enquiry...in the comments ask for the ride away price, which will mean how much wil it cost to ride the bike out of the shop all applicable fees included, rego, stamp duty, dealer delivery, whatever else i can't remember...then various dealers will call you over the next couple of weeks and offer you a price...and you can take the best offer...if you don't need finance i'd expect you'd get some very good offers...if you do need finance i probably would'nt use their finance.
    ...i would expect you'd get rideaway price offers lower than the adverised retail price of the bike.

    if you have'nt done so allready, be sure you have a good sit on a dr400sm first ...they have a very tall saddle

    if you opt for second hand you have pages and pages to read...there is alot to cover...but theres bound to be some good examples around, bought as first bikes under LAMS and barely ridden...

    don't forget insurance cover note before you ride the bike home...insurance company will give you a policy number over the phone...might even be wise to do that when you enter into a contract for sale...hopefully someone else can advise

    my dinner is getting cold, shop wisely
  3. thanks for the info, never new such a site existed, im 6 foot 4 so I dont think the tall saddle will be much of an issue :)

    atm cheapest ive found insurance is 1700(full)/900(third party, theft + fire) with qbe. Most of the others wanted 2000-2200 with some of the big names guys wanting 4-6 thousand lol. Considering I have no driving/riding history and im 24 years old which doesnt seem to bad for a 9000$ bike. Will try calling up during the week as im sure ill get maybe a better quote then using the online quotes.
  4. Sweet link, Phiz.
  5. One place called me from that website and said 9800, ride away, said they cant do any cheaper as its normally 10700 ride away. They wouldnt chuck in an freebies, not even gloves but would give me a discount on gear, wouldnt say how much. Im pretty sure I could get a better deal by walking into a dealer. Guess ill see tomorrow.

    edit:Ive noticed queensland have drz400sm's going for 8900 ride away. So if bought this and got it shipped to sydney, what are the hidden costs of doing it? Might be a better idea unless a local dealer can give me a decent price
  6. Ended up getting a black 09 drz400sm for 9800 ride away (the guy at sydney city was great, went out of his way to find me a black 09 as I really didnt want the 10 model drz400sm with the ugly blue rims), best price I could get was 9800 ride away and they wouldnt budge much on price but I got a vocher for a service, free data dot and chain lube chucked in for free. Picked up some gloves (cant remember brand) 200 marked down to 130, shoei rf1000(i think) helmet 900 marked down to 630 and a shift diablo leather jacket 550 marked down to 460. Couldnt get the gear discounted anymore as it was already heavily marked down. Looking at the mcas and thehelmetwarehouse website, the gear was still 250-300$ cheaper (even after all these shops have the same gear all discounted atm, sydney city was still alot cheaper) then any of those sites so I think I got a good deal. Pretty happy with the service from sydney city motorcycles, guys were nice, the guy who looked after me for gear was more then welcome to help me out, explain things etc. Should be ready to get picked up by thrusday/friday :D

    Now I dunno if I wanna bother with kevlar jeans for commuting or just buy leather pants and to get motorcross or roadboots. My motard mate reckons motorcross boots but says they arnt good for commuting but good for motard riding if you wanna have your foot out. So decisions decisions, in a perfect world Id have both a road boot for commuting and a motorcross boot for when im going for a fang, but at this moment of time my budget doesnt go that far. Opinions would be appreicated? :)

    should look something like this




  7. wow, really nice stuff you got there mate.
    only issue with MX boots is time it takes to put them on and you have to tuck your pants into them.
    got a back protector yet.?
    not sure which boots you would use if you rode a motard in that racing fashion, where they put their legs out...but probably would'nt be any need for that general commuting...maybe on supermoto track days....remember, the habbits you start with will stay with you forever....your instructors will no doubt have allready drilled into you good habbits to start out with...putting knees down, or legs out to lean more into corners, really no need for it just riding around city streets...plus the road surface is generally crap anyway...ok i'll shut up now.
    congratulations, awesome bike/gear/set-up...all the girls will be tearing off their panties and throwing them at you, as you ride by.
    ..anyway, dose'nt really matter what you ride on the road, beit a scooter, harley, sportsbike, trail bike, whatever...the most apropriate gear for the road is that which is designed for road use.
    sidi vertigo offer a good range of road boots, with even the cheapest being better than most...anything better than their top of the range would be a full racing boot...but they're not really suitable for day to day riding and difficult to walk in.
  8. Thanks for the reply, I always try to see things from both sides so any advice is more then welcome and I always take it onboard. You've sold me on road boots as its defiantelt gonna be more convenient (and as a learner I agree, leaning with my knees out, putting my foot out is probably not the best idea until I have some experience under my belt. Looks like thats where my paycheck this week is gonna go, Guess ill buy soem kevlar jeans too, I know they arnt the best protection and leather is alot better, but for what I need atm kvlar jeans are the best option. Once I save abit more money ill go buy some nice leather pants to zip onto my jacket. Dont have a back protector yet, but its in the horrizon, soon then later ;)

    looking at boots on the mcas site im feeling abit overwhelmed. What would you recommend for a boot that I can use for commuting, going out etc? the sidi vertigo looks excellent but not really convenient for what I need it for. As work is only like 2 km's away ill prob just be using my redback workboots during the week.

    edit: thinkign something maybe like this
    Icon Accelerant Boots http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=8818
    Teknic Hurricane Boots (these are looking good atm) http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=9027
  9. So thats what my jacket looks like when clean, I totally forgot =D
  10. leg injuries are by far the most common type of injuries caused by motorbike accidents...personally i would'nt wear a boot that dose'nt have good shin protection.
    the redback workboots are not a good idea (assuming they are the slip on type with elastic ankles and steel caps)...steel caps will slice, rather than absorb/disperse energy...having no ankle protection could mean even a minor drop in your driveway crushing your ankle between bike and cement...crushed ankles are notoriously slow to heal and difficult to repair...with the surgeon often opting to just fuse the ankle in place..
    ... the last time a car hit me, i was wearing work boots of that type...i've no idea where they are now, probably in another post code...they did however, find two rather large chunks of my shin bone on the road...so my opinion in regards to boots is going to be significantly biased sorry...

    i've seen these selling locally for around 200 bucks, assuming that's your ball park price range...they also claim to be waterproof...and appear to offer good protection in all the right places, but i've never owned a pair>http://www.ficeda.com.au/main/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_product2&product_id=800&product_type=2&id=47&useCAT=&category=&cfid=5002231&cftoken=7141fdda7da51c9c-F4AE13F9-AF85-2593-7AE293AF89913524&dts=1110200944312
    ...the advantage of more upmarket boots is that you can buy replacement parts...generally, riding boots don't have the type of soles for a lot of walking around in and so the soles would wear out quite quickly if you did.

    back protection and road armour in general has advanced a lot in the the last few years...used to be it was stuff just developed for the race track, but there are a lot of new brands and products moreso designed for street use becomming available now, that are easier and more comfortable to wear, breathe better, absorb and disperse energy from impacts better etc ....quite a lot of googling and research there if of interest to you...this is just one that comes to mind>http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.co.uk/news.asp?id=14

    stay safe, cheers
  11. haha, it's a bloody nice jacket eh...i wan't one myself
  12. you make some very good points. looks like I should invest abit more and get something where the parts like the sole can be replaced. can you recommend something around the 300-500$ that fits the description, alpine stars and sidi have some decent looking boots for 400ish dollars but the more I look at stuff the more confused I get lo.
  13. i'm no expert sorry...i have a decent pair of sidi's myself and they've held up well for a few years now...i do think it's worth buying quality first up, because it will last longer...so a 600 dollar pair of boots may serve you three times longer than a 200 dollar pair of boots...either way you still end up spending the same amount of money over the same time period...that's pretty much my thinking with all bike gear and just hope i don't drop my helmet haha.
    next time i need new boots i'll definately look for waterproof ones though, wet socks at work all day is rather unpleasant.
    i don't know much about the motard side of things with footwear either, but it's apparent they use interchangable scuff parts for heels and soles...and the parts are available for the brands/styles of boots they favour...good luch with your search...this may be of interest>http://www.motostrano.com/sidisupermoto.html
  14. thanks for all the help mate appreciate it. ill just have look around in some shops to see whats on offer and hopefully one of the workers will be helpfull with suggesting something.