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ORC calculations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Joos, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Yea, yer being skinned, dude!

  2. Nah, sounds about right.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but I didn't find anything while searching here, so please bare with me.

    I've been looking around for a Yammi wr250x. The dealer on Elizabeth st, Melbourne quoted me a good price, 8500. Thought that was rather nice, but then he added on ORC of about 1500 I thought that was rather high. So I thanked him for the info and walked away.

    Now, I wanted to check his figures, but I can't find any information about what it actually costs to register a bike in Victoria. On the vicroads site, there is a transfer fee calculator and a second hand bike calculator for on roads costs, but no information on new bikes.

    I find it very frustrating that I can't check if I'm being taken to the cleaners or if that is his actual cost of registration or not.

    Could any of you clever peeps help me out here please?

  2. I have here a quote for a brand new ZZR-250 from 1300 Kawasaki Ringwood dated 2007.

    ZZR-250 $8000
    On Roads $1150

    Total $9150

    The on-roads can be broken down into the following:

    Stamp Duty $200
    Rego $100
    TAC $350
    Delivery $500

    Total $1150

    And that's before haggling.
  3. Most important point there imo.
  4. Staffords in Heildburg might be able to give you a second option, maybe being a LAMS bike the price has gone up across the board..
  5. delivery?
  6. I am also a bit surprised that dealer delivery is not in the bike price, but gets added on at a later date.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does LAMS stand for?
  7. Learning Activity Management System.....Nah just kidding

    Learner Approve Motorcycle Scheme.
    it prevents noobies from riding something that is too powerful and killing themselves. Its based on power-to-weight ratio.
  8. But there has always been regulations on how powerful a bike you are allowed to ride. How would these new LAMS regulations be more costly than the old ones?
  9. it used to be 250cc and under. but with the new rules, it power to weight ration. so you can ride some 600cc bikes
  10. My mum and i walked into a dealer to talk about prices on bikes etc, (she's been working in business/accoutancy for years and knows what costs and % there is).
    Anyway, we look at a bike thats $14,990rrp. We (my mum) used her impressive language to the guy its saying its $800-1000 for the ORC and he even gets his calc and works it out, "Yep your correct".

    Another salesmen came up to us, we decided to ask him for ORC as well, he straight out said $1600??

    Talk about mark-up even on ORC.
  11. Sorry, dealer delivery. Although I'm sure a door to door service can be negotiated. :grin:
  12. Just FYI the Kwaka dealer in Newcastle was selling '07 plated ZZR-250's for 8k ride-away in October or November last year.
  13. Yeah, I bought my 02 build-plate (03 registered) ZZR-250 with 5000km on the clock for $5500 including stamp duty and transfer of 10mths rego.

    The owner was a great bloke but lived on the fringes of Melbourne, 80km from where I live, and needed a quick-sale as he was moving to Perth.

    Definitely some bargains available if you are patient and watch the market.
  14. this is a load of crap..
    dealers make up these "on road costs" to try and lure customers into the shop.. dealer delivery is a crock..

    on road costs are rego and 2.5% stamp duty for new..

    or just 4% stamp duty and $5-40 transfer for used

    rego for under 500cc is around $380 and over 500cc around $500

    some of the big multi brand stores use the "dealer delivery" to jack their rediculously low ticket prices up.. i.e. a big $13,990 sign on the bike with tiny + dealer delivery and stat charges..

    on roads seem to be made up as they go along.. but in reality they are only as above..
  15. I just checked the VicRoads website for some 2008 data.

    Motor vehicle duty is $5 for every $200 or part thereof for a new motorcycle, and $8 for every $200 or part thereof for a second-hand motorcycle.

    TAC fees, including that bloody $50 safety levy, are $364.10 for 126 to 500cc, and $497.20 for greater than 500cc.

    So Joos, here is what on-roads are actually costing the dealer.

    Number Plate ...................... $14.60
    Registration Fee ................. $35.60
    Motor Vehicle Duty ........... $215.00
    TAC Fee ........................... $364.10

    Total ................................ $629.30

    Add to that anything they expect to make in dealer delivery. Industry standard seems to be $500, but this is always negotiable.

    Give Staffords in Heidelberg a call. Good friendly staff. Small shopfront, near the much bigger Honda dealership. Their website here.
  16. Dealer delivery is bullshiet, it also includes cleaning/detailing the vehicle?? Come on that shouldn't be apart of it.

    But when you haggle and they see your serious, they generally make ORC very minimal or no extra.
  17. most bikeshops run differently to how a lot of you think they run..
    the bikesales department has to pay the workshop to assemble their bikes, they also have to pay a courier company to physically deliver the bike, the bikes usually need oil and fuel and yes, they need to be washed and polished..

    all this is the component of "dealer delivery".. on road costs are another issue
  18. Thank you everyone for helping out clearing the fog for me. Its been most informative. I think I understand the true costs associated in getting a bike on the road now and I am in a better position to haggle it down.

    Thanks again,
  19. I thought this is why shops put a mark up on things - to cover the expenses incurred in making that mark up? It's not the consumers problem if the seller gets all fancy with their accounting. Would motor trade folk like it if the local cafe started charging them fifty cents "assembly fee" on top of the $4.95 for their bacon and egg sarnie?