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Orange ZX6R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Beza, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Finally off my restrictions today so I went and picked up my ZX6r which I put a deposit on 6 weeks ago...it was well worth the wait, absoloutely love it.

  2. Beautiful! Congrats.
  4. she's beautiful man! i LOVE her colour! got a name yet? (if you don't name your bikes i'm sorry if i offended by asking!)

    more pics!!!!!!
  5. Surely the name would be Ginger Ninja wouldnt it???
  6. lol not sure of a name yet my last two bikes were kwaka1 and kwaka2 and the cbr was just cibby I think I need to be a little more creative with this one.
  7. Love the orange
  8. Awesome looking bike!
  9. "Did you see that orange bike?"
    "Must have been a Ninja"
  10. Sahweeeeeet :)
  11. Le Tigre' ??
  12. "Signora"

    Exotic, sexy but fiery as hell if you piss her off (y)
  13. Congrats on the crapasaki bloke :)
  14. ooo nice, lovin the orange... gtz :)
  15. My next bike
  16. Dog I love Kwaka's, shame they don't make a decent cruiser ... and the orange .. that's one good look'n ranga..
  17. Looks horn man!! Zx6s rip I love it!

  18. Daaamn. That is sexy. Grats!
  19. I was always set on a green one until I walked past this and that was it deposit down. Its kinda got a metallic/pearl in the paint looks sweet as.

    I'll try and find a decent camera to get some photos of it.