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Orange Riding Gear ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sailorboy, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all new to the bike world,

    I am looking at getting a Hyosung GT650RL in the two tone Silver/Black. I saw in England/Europe they have it available in Orange and Black. I would of loved to of had it in orange/black but not hear in Aus. :(

    I haven't been able to find any orange riding gear except for dirtbikes, and one shark helmet with an orange dragon. now what i am after is if anyone knows of any companies that make orange road riding gear, and am not talking about fluro orange safety vests :)

    any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cheers :)
  3. I would start by logging onto the MCAS website www.mcas.com.au and seeing what they have. They are one of the biggest accessories in Sydney and have three branches, the city one would be closest to you.
  4. cheers hornet,

    i went out to the new big parramatta store, and all they had was one leather jacket with a tiny (maybe 2cm) orange stripe across the chest. and the guy i spoke to there didn't really know of anywhere else that might have anything, although he may of been not wanting to lose a sale, either didn't buy from there, for now anyway. will try city one later in the week thanks
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  7. I remember seeing someone on a NR meet wearing an orange Dainese jacket. Maybe search their website?
  8. thanks everyone, please keep the advice coming. has anyone had something made by tigerangel before, i've gathered they are quite expensive, and have sent a quote request in, if anyone can give me a ball park figure it would help me in deciding to wait for the quote or keep going. i'm just looking for the jacket at the moment.
  9. Have a good hard look around before you buy a whoflung.
  10. Yea TigerAngel gear is really expensive but you never hear anything but good stuff about them. If you have the money go for it.
  11. At least the orange will be easy to see for when he breaks down :)
  12. I've got a tiger angel jacket and they are worth it. probably cost you $600-$700. they are waterproof and breathable.
  13. Tiger Angel also run a repair service for their gear so if it's damaged in an off they will replace a panel. They are also a company that conforms to the clothing industry code of ethics - they don't use cheap outsourced labour but manufacture it in house. It gives better quality control but does cost more.

    I've got TA jacket and pants and they are very good quality. But not cheap. The pants were custom fitted and are really comfortable.
  14. You could wear this if you were going to ride a Hayabusa. :)

    Or, this one has a lot of orange on it. :cool:
  15. Go to any KTM dealer - everything is orange. Road bike gear included.

    If you don't want the KTM branding, Shift do some orange stuff in an attempt to get a piece of of the KTMs action.
  16. yep shark has a few different designs in orange, i know because i have one, its a orange/white/black, but did have to order it in though, think it is rsi will check tonight.... :)

    +1 on the suits, get it custom made if you want a certain colour :)

    Agree though orange is a hot colour :wink:
  17. Beat me to it Titus.
    KTM gear does come in orange.
    Also does it have to be orange?
    Try a Textile Jacket Manufacturer for more color choices.
  18. yes :grin:

    for my first lot of gear it prob won't be orange, but for my additional gear later down the track i definately want to get orange gear.

    i am going to see if i can track down that orange/white/black shark, i've tried on a couple of sharks and really like the feel of them.
    do you have a model number at all stewy? or any pictures?


    WAS $219 NOW $169

    Not affiliated with this company .. yada yada yada
  20. ixon makes a fair lot of orange stuff http://www.ixon.com/. their brand colour is orange, and i've seen heaps of their jackets having orange as a main colour.