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Orange M50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bazl, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Two new colours for '09:




  2. Air filter looks different and it looks like clear indicator lenses
    might have to get some of those
    white and black is the better of the two for me
  3. I think so too :wink:
  4. i prefer the white and black... what i dont understand is why these jap manufacturers done make a rear fender that wraps around, and sits nice and close to the wheel...

    It's a design flaw that is evident in pretty much all Jap cruisers... really dissapointing
  5. You mean like the "classic" version of the bike we are looking at here?


    The wrap around rear fender that you like is the standard, The M50's flicked up tail is more the exception than the rule.
  6. It's personal preference... some people prefer the more classic looks of the M50, others prefer the power cruiser looks of the C50 (albeit it's mostly looks and not much go) :LOL:
  7. :) i see what you mean guys, but even the C50 is not to my liking... the fender just extends so far up high... i saw an M109 the other day and that more to my liking... a fender which sits closer to the tyre... doesnt leave that awkward gap at the trailing enge... if you know what i mean?
  8. You can get lowering kits for them but you are already dealing with a low ground clearance from stock.
    surprisingly you get the kits from America :)
  9. According to the Suzuki spec sheets the new model is 18kg heavier. Wondering why?
  10. More realistic measuring would be my guess.
    Instead of calculating what the combined parts total, they've probably put oil and petrol in one and actually rolled it onto some scales! :p
  11. the extra kilo's is the big arse sheild on the side of the motor (air cleaner) :p

    also ZRX1200R it's the other way round C50 is Classic and M50 is Modern :p Classic has the crappy old school rear fender but for guys that like a different look on the bike we went for the M50 :p