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oran park

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bobtrx, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Going to Oran Park ( ride day) first weekend in Oct , any advice on the track and spots to look out for would be great thanks

  2. I have only seen the track not been on it, but the first corner looks the worst. Have heard of people with too much speed coming into it and running wide.
    Is it your first track day?
  3. Jeez you make life tough Bob I was going to do Winton again on September 29,we spoke about Oran Park at Winton,so Im not sure what I will be doing may I suggest the old theory off learning one track at a time.
  4. I was just out at Oran Park a couple of weeks ago doing a track day.

    I love the layout of the track. It is a very tight track compared with sydney's only other track, Eastern Creek. I have done quite a few days out there and the only problem with the track is the surface. It is nothing to worry about, but because the track has been sold and will close in late 2008 to make way for housing, the maintenance of the track seems to be lacking.

    All my mates I ride with prefer Eastern Creek, but I love the tight Oran Park track.

    Be careful of the kink (turn 1) at the end of the straight. It is very decieving and every time I am out there quite a few people run off the track at high speed.

    Take it easy the first session and you will have a great time.
  5. T1, easy. Don't worry about it.
    The turn after the bridge on the other hand.......
    You have to turn in before you see the corner, while you're still on the bridge. And, the exit is very bump so you need pinpoint accuracy or too much speed will tankslap you off the track.
    Bloody brilliant track though. Great fun to ride. Up there with EC twisty section for enjoyment.
  6. Thanks Ian, Zipper and last . Kawa1 I will catch you at another track day . The guy I'm doing the day thru is wanting to confirm numbers etc so if you change your mind I will need to know by 31/8/07 Thanks
  7. cheers Bob I will do Winton again 29th September no dought we will catch again
  8. Oran park is a great track to race on, i've raced on there a fair few times but that was in a car. I think the Creek is definitely more well suited to bikes and is a bit more forgiving if you lay the bike down (there's bugger all run off at Oran, just cause it's an old track). Watch out for the gutters on the back section after you go under the bridge, they're like 45degree road gutter, terrible! Keep away from the ripple strips, they're jagged tooth design and even threw my car around. Oh, and take it easy on the last turn til you get used to it, you dont want to get aquainted with the wall (and watch for the black crap on the inside of the turn on the exit, it doesn't offer much grip so you'll need to head to the outside, like you should be anyway! :grin: )

    Have fun on the flip flops, love that feeling of your guts dropping as you punch it over a blind corner!! Set your speed up before you hit the kink as the braking zone is right on the exit of the kink and doesn't give you much time. That is of course if you're going the GP circuit and not the South Circuit.