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Oran Park Sunday 29th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spiky, May 25, 2005.

  1. Anyone going who might be heading South down the Putty Rd (from Singleton) or the F3 (from Newcastle)?

    Alternatively, anyone going at all who fancies meeting up on the day?

    Alternatively, any women who just fancy me?
  2. Spiky, you are a sick puppy, but I LOVE your ever-changing prayer, it's worth reading lots of other posts to see your's for that!
    (If you want my recommedation re the ride, do the Putty and continue straight on through Windsor, down to Penrith and then south, brings you right out at the gate of the wonderful old Oran Park)
  3. Thankyou Hornet - thought I was invisible.

    If anyone makes it to Oran Park, I will be the tremendously good-looking guy in rather effeminate looking blue and white leathers.

    Oh yes, and I'll be on my own.
  4. Spiky, NO-ONE with such a ruthless attitude to self-promotion could ever remain invisible for long. I hope you are succesful in your quest for female companionship.
    Regrettably I will be in Goulburn this weekend, but maybe we can ride a few miles together next time I venture up the Putty myself. (I used to OWN that road back in the early 70's, usually did the Ten Mile in under ten minutes, and shook off many a Falcon GT or Torana). Thankfully my wife never saw what I was doing, though!@!@!!
  5. I seem to have misplaced the start of this thread. What is on at Oran Park this Sunday?
    Who's going?
    And why?
  6. Oran Park this Sunday is a day of amateur racing. It's mainly old and old-ish stuff (so lots of people fall off). 56? Although you're old enough to be my father (I'm 43) it features all the bikes that were cool when we were too young to afford them - now I can afford a GSXR1000, it's strange, but I just don't want one...............

    Anyway, if the sun's shinin' and the birds are singin', I'll be there.
  7. Ta
    Sounds like it might be right up my alley
    Will talk to the mwf