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Oran Park circuit direction

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by TurboThruster, May 13, 2008.

  1. I'm doing a first track day at Oran Park at the end of the month. I figured I'd get a head start learning the track by cutting a few laps in a car racing simulator (GTR 2) .

    As I understand it the track is lapped in different directions for v8 supercars and bikes. So my question is - which direction do bikes go on ride days at the moment? North-east or south-west on the straight? (Clockwise/anticlockwise is ambiguous cos the track loops over itself). Clicky


    P.S. If anyone's interested in doing this sort of thing, I know first hand that the Eastern Creek sim is very accurate, although you'll take different lines in a 600hp GT car than on a bike, especially in turn 2. You can drive on all the MotoGP tracks too. Shame it's impossible to accurately model bike physics/inputs as well as cars.

  2. I have only ever known Moron Park to go in one direction.
  3. I was told that we were doing it in reverse when I rode there. We were going over the bridge and down into the bus stop, under the bridge up the hill etc. That was supermoto though, so could be different.
  4. Yep, that is reverse.
  5. From the aerial picture in the clicky, with the straight in the "south", you'll move from the left to the right down that straight. Anticlockwise.
  6. I've never seen a car of bike, or even combined car/bike meeting at Oran Park, that WASN'T run in an anti-clockwise direction; ie, starting at the grid and heading north. Even before the Grand Prix circuit bit was added, it was always anti-clockwise. I understand some driver training organisations use bits of it in various ways, but that's different.
  7. When Rob Mc Elnea first went there, for a swann Series, many years ago, he practiced in the reverse direction all day. The following morning, when other chaps turned up, he was advised of his error. poor bugger, wasting a day.
  8. Cheers, much appreciated.
  9. The only time I have ever seen or heard of reverse direction running is Supermoto that runs a Devo has said.

    All other events run in anti clockwise primarily as the alternate direction is ridiculously unsafe in terms of wall positions and run off areas.

  10. The last turn (or first turn if reversed) would be a fooken nightmare if it was reversed! Sections of it may be reversed but the GP circuit is definitely only anti-clockwise as the run-offs are designed for that direction.
  11. turbo thruster, who is the track day with?
    What date and how much?
    Might be interested if im not working.
  12. Sat 31st is Champions ridedays cost $130.00 and it's sold out according to their web site
  13. Oran Park has actually run a reverse direction car race meeting about 15 years ago. As for something different, it was an interesting meeting, but to do it on a more permanent basis would have required moving the concrete wall and a good amount of spectator banking on what is now the last corner, but what would have been the first corner.
    It was fun standing at the end of what was then the main straight, leaning on the fence watching cars coming thundering straight at you, and peeling off around the corner only about 10 metres from where you were standing. If someone did a desperate late braking effort into the corner, you were never quite sure if you wanted to stand and watch it, or get ready to duck for cover to avoid any flying bits of car.

    On a different note, I actually looked up the Oran Park website, www.oranpark.com.au and was asked if I wanted to visit the motor racing pages or the land sale pages.
    The bulldozer is not too far away, with spring 2009 slated as the time land sales will commence.