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Oracle question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mav, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. anyone use Oracle at work?

    know how to change the salesperson on both the order header and order lines after it has been processed to invoice?

    there is a way, but the person at the office who knows is being a ***** and not sharing the info
  2. aint touched oracle in a long time, good luck, some aholes dont share cause they are insecure in their jobs
  3. Sorry, to my knowledge it can't be done, but I could be wrong. I always thought once it went to invoice, you had to process a credit note/RMA, then reinvoice.
  4. it can be done and also without needing to process a credit note/rma.

    all she is saying is that she can't remember the exact path because she selects it from her favourites list (oracle menu).

    "secret" she says, fcuk off and share the info.
  5. OK no worries. We were never taught how, obviously.
  6. That sounds like a E-Business suite (ERP) question. Sorry can't help. I opened the topic thinking it was something to do with an Oracle database.

    Stupid colleague I have to say. not sharing information.
  7. yeah ERP question

    yeah she is a biatch. worst thing is she just got promoted so she is right up herself atm.
  8. just for you Greydog

    Order Management Manager > Reports, Requests > Run Reports

    enter Report Name: Update Salesrep on Order
    then put in the order number and the line number(s), the new sales rep, and put "Use Defaulting" to N.

    then run the report and done!
  9. Obviously you got the answer then...
  10. yeah i investigated through a different line and got there in the end

    she can now suck some dirty hairy sea urchin balls