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Optus making my life difficult...sorta

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jym, May 13, 2011.

  1. G'day Riders, off topic post today.

    I've been an Optus customer for about 6 years now. A Business customer too, and I've brought them a lot more business over the years as I've had employees come and go that have needed work phones, and of course I'd set my family and friends up as well with the better end of business deals.

    I'm living in the old age. I signed a contract a while back for the new Nokia Navigator phone. The only problem was a few weeks after I got it, I dropped it off my bike and it smashed to pieces. (I was using it as a clock)
    So I went out and bought a cheap phone to just get me by, I never liked the iPhones or any of the touchy feely technology.

    NOW on the other hand, I've totally flipped around. I MUST get me an iPhone. My goodness, there's so much on them I want.
    So anyway, I thought being that I'm 18 months into my 2 year contract I'd give them a ring and upgrade.
    I ring them up and they tell me I'll have to cancel my contract, and resign a new one. Not a big deal, I've done that before with them. They told me I would incur a $354.00 fee. Now that surprised me. They always waived them for me before, being such a good customer, having my bills paid up a month in advance, bringing in new business, etc.

    They didn't want to give me account credits, discounts, special deals, NOTHING. I couldn't believe it.

    So I thought...well stuff you guys, and I rang telstra.
    They weren't any help either!
    They'd sign me up to any plan I wanted, but they wouldn't credit my account to cover the cancellation fees from Optus. (Which Optus did for me when I left Telstra)

    So now I'm facing a hard decision...I want an iPhone...I want one now, I don't wanna wait 6 months. (I know I'm being childish, but I feel like spoiling myself for a change.)

    Opinions? Experiences? Other?
  2. Going 6 months without wasting your time on pointless app collecting and general 'lookameisn'tthisshiny' crap, won't kill you.

    If you really want to change over sooner than that without paying, get closer to the end of contract date. If you're a month or two away they have a higher chance of being able to help you out.

    Gen y much? =P
  3. So buy one outright and slap your sim in it. Then when your plan is up, change to a plan that doesn't involve the cost of paying off your phone. Do you really want an iPhone on a 2 year contract, do you think it can survive the 2 years? The nokia didn't.
  4. Mine has...

    I'm due a new phone, and have been for a month or so...

    This is the first phone that has made it to the end of the contract without me breaking my neck to replace it.

    I'll probably wait for the IP5 now though.
  5. Wait a few months for an Iphone 5?
  6. Jym you will find that Optus should be more than happy to let you have an 'early upgrade' with no termination fees within the last 3 months of a 24 month contract... so if you can hold out just another 3 you should be right*.

    That said, the IP5 should be announced this June/July for rumoured release in around September (+1-2months for Aussie release) - when that happens the IP4 should get a lot cheaper too if you didn't want the latest model.

    * I can't speak for business plans, but they have always come to the party within 3 months of end-of-contract on consumer plans.... if they don't agree - be very open about your plans to leave and go to another carrier, you should get put through to a different department/consultant that will specialise in 'customer retention' and have more power to waive termination penalties late in the term.
  7. yep, it's the old stunt I pulled all the time back in the uk... ask to be put through to the cancellations department and then ensure they know how much of your business they will be losing.

    I ended up with some quite frankly amazing phone deals doing that way. Made me feel a little bad for the people that always paid full price. Then that feeling soon vanished after I got my first phone bill each time and spent the money I saved in the pub! :D
  8. Call optus and ask to speak to the retention team. Tell them that Vodafone has offered you xyz for your overall relationship and offered to pay your exit fees. Tell them that you have not yet spoken to any other providers. Explain that you have been with Optus for a long time and that you like them as a company and would like to stay. Tell them that you want to give them an oppertunity to retain you as a customer before you commit to Vodafone. See how that goes. Let us know.
  9. Wrong tthread.
  10. I told optus to stick it

    I already went to telstra and was waiting for my optus contract to expire as I had no cash to pay it out... So I ring up optus talk to cancelations, it's an Aussie department, mate on the phone says dude I'll put you on a $5 plan and call back on this date and cancel saving you $$$$$

    I did the above and it was far cheaper than paying out the $79 per month that I was doing

    Never looked back, phone now works anywhere and everywhere unlike my recent vodafone three and optus experiences
  11. I AM with Optus but did a similar thing when I got over to the UK, wanting to keep my number going so I had one when I got back. But they didn't drop the plan. My own fault, I didn't check the bills when they came through, just thought 'yep, got a credit, was already told it'd tie me over until I got home' and never checked it. Until I got a bill and noticed it was no longer minus!

    Being over here it's hard to get in contact, but thank fruck they've now got an email contact option and they actually respond - because I had everything in writing!

    Emailed them and they responded saying I was put to a $19p/m plan instead of $5, that $112 of the downgrade fee would be waived and credited (but wasn't), and they admitted the guy I spoke with initially told me my contract was up a year earlier than it actually was and 'sorry about that'.

    Replied saying 12 months or 24 months, the whole thing was that i was downgrading and the amount I paid to do so at the time, covered everything. So I asked what was the cheapest I could go down to, were they going to charge me etc etc.

    Confirmed a $5 plan WAS available, and I could have it, at another cost of $68!

    Pointed out I'd been a long time customer, that the plan was supposed to be dropped to $5 in the first place not $19, and that they'd admitted themselves I was given the wrong information in the first place.

    'After looking at your account I can see you've been a long time customer of Optus and I believe we can help you out'... gee, thanks, so kind. Said they'd drop it, apply the credit owed to me, and not charge me the extra to downgrade.

    A month later I get the bill, and they haven't downgraded me! Email again and I get told they can't downgrade me until October. W...T....F? Replied, pointed out I have in writing that I would be dropped to a $5 plan.

    "Blake has advised the correct information as you must be out of contract to go onto the Sim 5 Plan;

    However as Suzie has offered this to you, I have honoured this and changed you accross to the Sim 5 Plan."

    Ya think?

    Doofuses. I'm still waiting for this months bill :p
  12. You can get a Samsung Galaxy S for nix on a $30 a month plan with Optus at the moment. A bit of juggling and doing the maths might make it a good option to take. I believe the phone isn't locked to Optus either, although the plan itself obviously still is.

    I've also been an Optus customer for ages, but in the last couple of years they've been sucking a fair bit, but they are also somewhat at the mercy of Telstra's games where they have to rely on Telstra's copper lines and ADSL hardware. As a result, I've dropped them for home phone and saved good money, and as of this week I'm also dropping my old ADSL plan, both for much better and cheaper plans with Club Telco.

    I'll probably keep the mobile phone with them, but I'm out of contract, so I can go to any plan with them or anyone else.

    BTW, a good new SIM plan player recently on the market is Amaysim, which with various options should be a great and inexpensive prospect for some people, or for a cheap second/spare phone, seeing as the fancy-arse new cinema phones have fraction of the battery life of most recent phone phones. The automatic top-up is a good thing.



    Along similar lines, another still somewhat obscure phone brand is Huawei, which has been making the many wireless internet USB sticks for the likes of Optus Prepaid and others for a while and has since lauched it's own brand. You can buy models from their latest Android phone for $350 outright, right down to a simpler one for $50 with an Optus pre-paid package. There are some good models you can buy unlocked, like the $99 dual SIM jobbie.


    Some, but not necessarily all the phones/plans -