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optus: how to turn off voicemail...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. quick question:

    how the FARK do i get rid of this message bank service on the phone. don't believe i signed up for this. along with a missed call i also get an sms saying i received a missed call](*,) fark you optus! their website is vague.


  2. yeah. was viewing that earlier.

    seems this deactivates it: ##002#

  3. won't #21# do it as well?

    The above cancels all diverts so assuming the phone rings and rings, it should not divert to voicemail
  4. don't know. the aforementioned no. seems to have done the trick, though:)
  5. Not saying this will work, but it has for me on my last 3 phones on vodafone, and now on virgin (optus network).

    Go to your phone settings menu - call settings - diverts - cancel all diverts (or applicable to your phone)

    When you select cancel all diverts a screen usually comes up with 'requesting' and a loading bar underneath it.

    Once completed, problem is usually solved. now my phone just rings out indefinitely (well at least 2 mins i've had) and when I come back it just says missed call. No charging the caller to leave a msg, and no charging me for voicemail :cool:
  6. m'fcuker:LOL: so what's with this number then, ##002#? in any case, it's all good. though, now i feel like a dunce](*,)
  7. wit optus even if you cancel the diverts it still will go to messagebank after ringing x amount of times

    call optus and tell them to stick it and make it so it never diverts to message bank

    only takes 5min
  8. SMS the word "off" to "159"
    this will disable missed call service (which is free anyway)
    voicemail comes activated as standard on all plans
    you can either use the phone menus to disable the call diversions
    or use the ##02... etc
    if you have an Iphone you'll need to use the codes because they only have the option for 1 diversion setting.