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Options for lost key

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by twr7cx, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. When I got my 2000 Honda XR250R it didn't come with the key for the steering lock. Any one know if I have any options other than a new locking unit? I.e. would Honda keep a record of the key and be able to supply a new one (I know Ford do with with Falcons, they record the keys for all the VIN's). Or would a locksmith be able to make a new one based on the lock do you think?

  2. If you can take the lock off and take it to a locksmith they will be able to make a key to match the number stamped on the lock.
  3. Locksmith can make a key from scratch. Doesnt even need the number 40$
  4. Give Honda the VIN they should be able to supply one no problem. May cost more than the locksmith making one from scratch.
  5. what the locksmith wont tell you is that this can damage the lock, with impressioning keys they are putting pressure on soft brass lock inturnals, so they can get a mark on the edge of the key

    if you can find the keycode on the lock take it in to a locksmith and tell them what it works
  6. cheers for the response guys! I'll take the VIN to Honda for a price and talk to a locksmith. See which is gunna be cheaper.
  7. good luck but i can already tell u locksmith are guna be cheaper, genuin honda parts are a rip of fcuk u honda i hate ur fcukin shit arse expensive parts
  8. take the vin to honda and ask for the key code but have your papers with you, dont ask them for a key, then take the code to the locksmith to have a new key generated off the key code
  9. if you ha HISS system you are buggered but there is ways around it if it normal just a lock smith will do
  10. Remove helmet lock - easier to remove than ignition lock and the cut key should be identical.