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Opting out of religion only way in to ethics

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stigger, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. #1 stigger, Dec 5, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
    In order to maintain my reputation as a "Bible Basher" basher...

    So now it's taking off we need to find a way of hiding it.

    Unless you opt you'r child out of Scripture Classes and into Colouring Classes, you don't get informed that there's a Ethic's Class to go to.

    Way to go pollies...

    edit: OK my bad in NSW...
  2. Got to opt into religion now in Vic, just changed for next year at least for prep anyway
  3. These Ethics classes have been very successful by report and all students would benefit from them. They should be compulsory and religious instruction should not be part of the curriculum. Religion is a personal thing, even those that are religious have their own personality and ethics to slant their particular beliefs. Parents should not abdicate the responsibility of providing a religious framework to their kids if they want them to have such teaching. It is not the responsibility of the state.

    The state however would benefit from a common ethical instruction program in its children. You could argue that this is a state responsibility.
  4. I agree with cjvfr here.
    If they want religious classes then hold them out of School hours. Ethics should be part of a standard curriculum.

    They had dropped Scripture classes when I was in High School. I didn't know they were back. We used to get off 40 mins earlier on a Monday but still had to wait the extra time for a bus or just took off on our own way. That extra 40 mins each week was the best education I've ever had in socialising.
  5. I would argue that it isn't the really the pollies at fault, remember that they have to try keep everyone happy. I think it will be their way of appeasing the religious lobby groups (ie: you have to opt out of religious education) whilst also allowing that ethics classes take place which aren't based in religion. Many, many religious people, and the institutions themselves believe that morality and ethics is a product of religion. Many non religious people rightly believe that religion corrupts ethics, not least of which because of the 'sin and confess' method of maintaining your moral standard.
  6. Ethics, cooking & finance should be mandatory for all students.
  7. But, but... I'm opposed to ethical education! I think it stunts the embryonic entrepreneurial spirt of children, damages the economy and I don't believe that it should be taught in schools by lefty pinko greenie teachers AT ALL!
    There is no place for ethics in Australian Schools!!! ;)

    (the comments herein may not necessarily reflect the views of the writer.)
  8. Cooking?
    If you can boil water, read instructions on a box and know how to work a microwave you can cook.
  9. How strange. Why wouldn't they allow people to choose both if they wish
  10. Because they run at the same time.
  11. and the penny drops. Thanks.
  12. Wow... they almost did the right thing. At least there is an ethics class. It should be compulsory for priests too!

    Joking aside, I agree with the ethics, cooking and finance. These are all things we should know and haven't necessarily been taught by our parents.
  13. Basic needlework and comprehension of government forms would also be quite handy.
  14. I believe they do, it's called 'church'.
  15. No.

    I think basic cooking classes would lead to a healthier society.
  16. In finance, knowing how to cook the books and avoid ethics is most important.
  17. I agree. Although, growing up my parents made sure that my sisters, brother and I knew how to sew a button on to a shirt, fix a hem, darn socks, prepare and cook a basic meal, iron, wash, mow lawns, cut wood, change tyres, check oil/water, fix a fuse (a now largely unnecessary skill) and do a household budget.

    Their theory was that the chances of us leaving home and getting married at precisely the same time were pretty slim.
  18. Would you believe the place I was renting last year had fuses? I replaced them with circuit breakers.

    Regarding the other skills listed, how many parents these days know how to do these things, let alone teach their children?
  19. Darn socks? Gee, you must be old b12mick! These days, most socks are so rubbishy, you can't darn them anyway.

    Altho I have been known to darn Explorer socks.

    ETA: I am a firm believer that things like changing tyres, checking oil/water and (very) such simple preventative maintenance skills should be part of one's drivers' licence.
  20. Ethics requires the intelligent application of a system of values and beliefs to establish concepts of right and wrong behaviours.

    Religion involves dogmatically obeying a simple list of dos and don'ts because the bible done said so and you'll go to hell if you don't.

    Why does it seem like they're putting everyone in the special ed classes by default?