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Optimism at ITS finest....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hahaha, wishful thinking.... most people would just chuck it, I'm not entirely sure what someone is going to do with a melted rusted half a bike... :p
  2. LizzyM needs a longer mirror. $1 for a mirror is a bargain.

    Looks like the horn might be OK too. She doesn't need one so if she could sell that for $2 she'd be ahead.
  3. i just bought two
  4. why would they even bother advertising thta? there doesnt look to be anything useful on it...
  5. Because the VIN has it listed as a "repairable write off"... :)
  6. Nup, definitely a 'Stat'
  7. $1 for a perfectly serviceable mirror is OK. :LOL:
  8. plus cost to transport said wreckage of a bike to a place to dump it.

    probably cheaper just to buy a mirror.
  9. Could you fix the thread title, please. :roll:


    Merci. :wink:
  10. Re: Optimism at it's finest....

    Looks more like what's left of a vintage car to me :driver: ... isn't that an axle attatched to the remains of a spoked wheel? :-k

    Repairable write-off! HAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA! :rofl:
  11. Oh please Gromit, don't get me started on one of my fav 'topics' aound here at NR! :roll:
  12. It looks like someone ate cement for dinner and spewed up :shock:
  13. Nah looks more like modern art to me.... :LOL:
  14. Fairly certain I know who that used to belong to.
    One of the riders from DBW had his shed burn down and it had his WR and his kids bike in it.
    Very surprised they bothered to auction it. Wouldn't be worth the effort.
  15. :rofl: thank you for the good giggle!
  16. Drew wrote:
    Cost of transport? If it wasn't in too bad condition, I was hoping to ride it.
  17. That's just taking the minimalist street fighter look to the next level. Sure unsprung weight has increased, but think of the overall weight saving.