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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ibast, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. OK we recently had a debate about this stuff.

    Please only particpate if you have tried it.
  2. I've used it with no probs, but then again, I've not had any problems with Vortex either.

    I understand that problems with PULP seems to be worse with injected bikes, so maybe that's why I have been lucky, as mine is still a carby model.
  3. Tried it, bike didn't like it. Seemed to have less power and was reluctant to start when cold - I now stick to using 95 octane premium which seems to give the best results.
  4. I had similar and possibly worse. Once the bike just wouldn't start. Got to the point where I pulled out the plugs and found it to be covered in carbon. Soon after I was at a Duke club meeting and Paul from Bike Barn mentioned similar problems.
    So, swapped over to Mobil. :D
  5. I actually tried to attach a poll. Does anyone know how to do it now?
  6. That is really interesting as I have heard it is better for injected bikes but not the carby fed ones. Something to do with the extras in it gumming up the carby internals
  7. That is really interesting as I have heard it is better for injected bikes but not the carby fed ones. Something to do with the extras in it gumming up the carby internals. whereas the injected bikes benefit from the extras to help keep injectors clean and stuff.
  8. 100% correct!
    For the sake of 4cents a litre discount, i can't be arsed taking the risk.

    I have heard that Mobil Synergy 8000 (98 octane) has the same injector cleaning detergents that Optimax has! :shock:
  9. When Optimax was first released the info supplied by Shell suggested that Optimax was not suitable for small, carburetted engines since it had a higher denisty and so the engine would tend to run rich - fuel injection being, in most cases, able to adjust to this difference. Shell does claim that all bikes will run on Optimax but may require changes to carbie jets and/or the spark plugs, personally I think it's easier to just change fuel.
  10. So shop at Woolies/Safeway and get Vortex instead.
  11. Other way round
    Injected bikes have fewer problems with pulp than carbied bikes.
    Personally I use nothing but pulp and have used all types in both my cd250u and the bmw.
    Never had problems.
  12. I regularly use Optimax in my bike and I haven't noticed any issues. My ZZ-R1100 has 4 single barrell carbies.
  13. I changed to shell for my yzf recently because there was a convenient station to and from my work. About 1 month later I was running on 2 cylinders. Spark plugs were 'gummied' up (not carbon - almost like a layer of grease). Clean, put back in, kept going, and happened about 2-3 weeks later. This time I replaced the plugs, and kept going. 2-3 weeks later same thing. Cleaned plugs, put back in, and stopped Shell (Caltex or BP now) and all has been fine for the past 1.5 months.

    I should have known because on my old fzr250 when I used shell fuels same thing happened.
  14. Kawasaki ZZR1100. No problems with Optimax or any other PULP. Pinged under heavy load if running on ULP.

    Honda CBR1000F. No problems running on any brand of premium unleaded. Also no issues running on ULP. Performance and economy doesn't alter on whatever I put in it. No starting issues on any fuel.

    Tip: check your owner's manual. See what the manufacturer recommends regarding the fuel and its RON number. If it says. "91 RON or higher", then you're probably wasting your money fueling up with premium unleaded.
  15. used optimax once in the bandit, went from sweet running bike to sluggish off the mark with a nice fat flat spot in a couple of places. switched back to mobil and 1/4 of a tank later all is good.

    neighbor also had to change his plugs on his 954 after running optimax once, it stopped performing as well and wouldn't come good till the plugs were done.
  16. That assumes one has an owners manual. Both my bikes have been used, neither came with an owners manual.
  17. Tried it, stuffed my Across 3 times before got told to stay away from it. Mechanic changed the spark plugs, within 2 days I went back there again and had to get new ones.
  18. I put one tankful of Optimax in the old CB250 (haven't tried it in the Triumph yet), never noticed a difference. But then again, it also copped one tankful of racing 100 leaded as well, noticed no difference there either.
  19. There's definatly more energy in the premiums, but your right, to get the full benefit you need to either advance your ignition, increase your compression ratio, or both.

    I go half way and run the 95. I may slot my ignition plate to get the best out of it
  20. My bike runs well on Optimax, though I don't use it as per thier own recommendation.

    I use the BP premium and all is sweet.

    If I use regular ULP it runs very sickly and stalls a lot, though thats only a tuning issue.
    if I had it tuned with a tank full of regular unleaded in it then it would run just as good on that.