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Optical Illusion

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, May 13, 2007.

  1. A friend asked me to look at this picture and spot what was wrong with the motorcycle in this picture


    After 20 minutes of looking at it, I said "What motorcycle??" Can you spot it? :wink: :cool:
  2. Ah... yeah :p

    But then, I am female :wink:
  3. :!: i caynt see a dam thing , its too dark where i lookin.... :?
  4. yeah i can spot it... the 2 front wheels are ugly
  5. Yes its those two ugly wheels, they distract me from checking out the chicks two lovely...
  6. The chick is wearing vinyl, not leather. [-X
  7. Easy, the mixture is wrong, look at the blue on the exhaust pipe.

    er, that's over on the left of the picture, on the black thing with two wheels at the front...

    oh, I give up :roll:.
  8. That gag only works when the boobs are above a certain threshold size.
  9. That chick has a nice pair of front wheels on that #wheeler :-s
    Mmmmmm leather or vinyl, or what ever :wink:
  10. I want those boots! :grin:
  11. i read it as "i want those boobs" and though, to each their own! :D
  12. Vinyl, Leather?? Nah, those pants are painted on :twisted:
  13. How do you get a job like that?
    I'd change my career if I get to paint that all day Grrrrrrrrrr
  14. If she asked you what you were staring at, you could say your reflection........hahaha......
    ....err, what was the question again?

  15. Oh I know, I know.
    It's so obvious, staring me right in the face.


    There!!! Too easy, next!

  16. Best mod i've seen in a while :grin:
  17. Hehe :grin:

    'salright, looks pretty good to me...and it's a scooter so surprised to see better than high heels and a business suit :LOL: