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Oprahs visit to OZ

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or what, i'm liking this woman more and more as the days go by with her visit here, shes not coming across as snobby, shes going to peoples houses and having BBQ's and drinking VB with yobbos and yuppies, keeping her fans happy with her visit in Melbourne, shame Gillard wrecked it for her though, wants to explore everything we offer here, i think she is doing Australia proud

    And just for the record, i dont watch her shows, BUT, i will definatly watch her Aussie shows shes doing at "Oprah House"

    Bloody good on her i say
  2. Castro did the same in Cuba
  3. meh.

    shoulda just come here on her own without the circus and renta crowd.

    she's a media professional and the cynical side of me says that she and her slick PR machine know how to work it.

  4. agreed
  5. It's all a calculated ploy to get you to tap her, Goz :grin:
  6. I'm quite ashamed by the way we a carrying on. Also I don't believe Gillard should have met her on Oprah's terms. By all means meet with the women, but what she did demeans the office.
  7. Yup. She has amassed a fortune and empire by manipulating people (putting it bluntly), so its entirely unsurprising that she's doing so well over here.
  8. But aren't we paying for it all? I thought it was a tourism Australia promotion.
  9. Oprah's endured a rough upbringing and lived through devastating hardships. For this I respect her.
    But seriously : Grown Aussie women crying at the sight of Oprah..... Harden the Fuc* up!!!!!!
  10. I don't really give a toss about her visit apart from referring to the Sydney Opera House as the "Oprah House". As far as I am concerned the Sydney Opera House is far more important on a national and certainly culturally level. Having anyone use anything apart from its proper name only cheapens it, it's not even clever or witty, just disrespectful.

    Although Oprah bashing may be a bit of sport, its generally just marketing in reality and could have its benefits for Aus, but this one act has cast a shadow on any other good she may be able to provide in my book.
  11. so i hear. this is what shits me.

    it's like a big cash for comment PR stunt. where's the sincerity in that?
  12. I think we're only paying a few million for her to come out.

    Worth every cent I reckon.
  13. It is HUGE exposure - that I will admit

    Whats next though ? Oprah pitching our next world cup bid ? - actually come to think of it USA should have used her
  14. I thought it was a McDonalds sponsord trip.
  15. It's easy to understand the negative comments posted, she's certainly playing the media card very well. But if it helps boost our tourism industry (and it needs it), it has to be a good thing =D>. Let's hope it pays off!


  16. i think it will, all depends how her 3 shows go at opera house, if she bags us in any way then we are screwed lol
  17. we could ask Julian Assange to take her down
  18. Apparently she has donated a million $$$$ to a school for laptops and gave a man with terminal cancer $250k to help himself/family through.

    Media stunt...maybe :angel:, but I'd sit down for a chat over a beer with her =D>. She's bloody ugly though!

  19. I cant understand the hype around her, she hosts a daytime TV show ffs...she didnt find the cure for cancer.