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Opps, 10,000 copper wires cut in NSW

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Telstra phone and internet services lost after cable cut in Sydney
    September 16, 2009 12:30pm
    THOUSANDS of businesses and homes in Sydney's CBD could be without phone, internet and mobile phone coverage for up to a week after a contractor accidentally severed crucial cables.
    Contractors working for Energy Australia cut through a bundle of 10,000 Telstra copper wires and some multiple-fibre optical cables near the corner of York and Erskine streets about 9.30pm (AEST) yesterday.
    The contractors have told Energy Australia they used "Dial Before You Dig" plans before digging, but an audit of the contractors, work equipment and procedures is being carried out.
    Telstra spokesman Craig Middleton said thousands of customers across the northeast of the CBD would be without mobile, fixed and wireless services for about a week.
    "There will be many thousands, the exact number we don't know because we're still plotting where this cable serves in the city," Mr Middleton said.
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    "We are digging out the damaged section of cable that was damaged by a jackhammer."
    He said 10 major copper and optical fibre cables had been damaged.
    "It's gone through about 400mm of solid concrete at the moment to get to the damaged section and then we can restore the cable by pulling a new section through from Kent Street."
    Mr Middleton said Telstra would look at helping individual customers with line redirection where possible.
    An Energy Australia spokesman said the contractors responsible had been digging trial holes as part of cable upgrade works in the CBD associated with the new city north electricity substation.
    "We are concerned about the incident and are conducting a thorough investigation into the contractors' activities," the spokesman said.
    "We want to determine what happened, how it happened and whether the contractors did everything by the book."
    The company would take action if the correct steps had not been followed, he said.
    "Energy Australia apologises on behalf of the contractor because we understand this has caused considerable inconvenience to Telstra customers."
    Telstra and Energy Australia have launched an investigation into the incident.
    Affected customers should contact Telstra on 13 22 03. 

  2. Ummmm.....no they can't.....lol
  3. .....try the Philippines!!!.......or maybe India!! :roll:
  4. This happened to optus in QLD, it was fantastic no phones for about 5 hours... I worked in a call centre at the time
  5. Must be the same contractor who was doing work outside my place of work some time back. All of a sudden, all our phones and data lines go down. after frantically phoning people (on our mobiles) we reached the point where all you can do is to wait. So we break for a smoke.

    We look up the driveway as we approach the smoke shed. And we see a man standing next to a back hoe, scratching his head and peering into a hole.
  6. You'd be surprised how often underground services get cut and how much stuff is hidden away from public view under the ground.

    Thing is if the person who cut it didn't do a "Dial Before You Dig" check they will be up for the repair & restoration costs and loss of revenue which on a major fibre could add up to Millions of dollars :shock:
  7. many moons ago I was helping someone build a fence on his new property which included drilling fence post holes, we had a small orga. There was a gas mains in the area and those dial before you dig signs everywhere. We called it, no one answered, several times. We dug away... nuttin... phew...
  8. Oooh you could have had to call Dig Before You Dial.

    Their number's 000.
  9. Might be easier if everyone who ISN'T affected called Telstra :facepalm:
  10. :wink: :rofl:
  11. Years ago we were putting in a data cable to a new building on the campus of the TAFE I was working for. We checked the plans - all showed an electricity cable about 20 metres south of where we wanted to dig and a gas line about 20 metres north.

    Digging starts and I'm down there watching the guy with the DitchWitch when there's a clunk noise and he stops digging.

    He'd just scraped the top of the supposedly 20 metres away gas pipe - not penetrated it fortunately - expecially since the electricity cable (also supposedly 20 metres away) actually passed right under the gas pipe at the exact point he hit it!

    It would have been a very interesting exercise if he'd been digging about 3 inches deeper. :evil:
  12. There was a company ploughing in an optic fibre cable along the gas main easement from Longford several years ago.

    They had surveyed the route carefully and marked exactly where to plough.

    The D7 operator felt an unusual jerk and hit the emergency stop button and ran as the gas main he ruptured started venting.

    Turns out when they laid the gas main years earlier they hit rock so detoured around it without updating the plans and the poor bugger in the dozer wasn't to know :shock:

    Oh Browny you are supposed to do the contacting two weeks prior to allow time for all the groups to reply and send thier plans to you if affected by your planned works. Let me guess it was a weekend??
  13. Telstra services are rarely, if ever at or above the legal height for overhead and almost never at the correct legal depth when placed underground.
    We have had many, MANY dealings with telstra over time, and never had to pay for repairs ;)
  14. I for one love the underground junction boxs they stick in the country areas. The ones that are covered with "please do not place any posts within 3 meters" signs, yet are stuck a foot or so from are fence post that's been there the better part of 100 years :roll:
  15. I will never dig another hole, unless Joel is with me.
  16. Except for the ones that you dig regularly.... :)
  17. Ya weekend, didn't know about the two weeks stuff... fence went in fine, all good! :grin: