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Oppinions/experiences with Draggin Jeans

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nice2Bnaked, May 6, 2007.

  1. Had a slide, jeans worked great!

  2. Had a slide, not so great :(

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  3. Performed very poorly, will not buy again!

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  4. Havent had an off yet, touch wood...

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  1. As some of you know, I started my new job working with Draggin' Jeans in south melb last week. Just wanting to know what experience and oppinions people have with dealing with draggin', or how theyve held up in a slide or general wear and tear. Please be specific as I really want to learn as much as I can about the product. Also, if anyone had tried any other Kevlar inserted apparel, let me know how that gear went too...
    I'd post this under Riding gear/reviews, but its more research on youre experiences.

  2. There should be a note in them "Make sure you sit on a bike when trying these jeans on, to make sure the leg length is adequate!".

    Apart from that, I have a pair of the cargos and the hip pockets are ludicrously small. I can't trust my phone/wallet to those!
  3. Never mind the research, get moving on the NR discounts! ;)

    Fixing internal armour pockets as standard would be nice, rather than making it special order or using the "ouch" velcro armour.
  4. I have a pair of DJs. I had to get them hemmed when I bought them. Unfortunately I didn't do the "sit on the bike" trick before marking them. So, they do creep up a little bit.

    They're comfortable as jeans can be. Can get a bit warm on hot days, though. Winter riding in the dry is fine, as I use thermals underneath for the colder days. When it's wet I throw on my Motodry wet weather gear if using the DJs and not my DriRider pants.

    As for the effectiveness in a fall, I expect that they'd be fairly well useless if you're being flung around and hitting things, as any bike clothing would be. I hope that they'd do the trick for low speed offs where you get to emulate a barefoot skiier on bitumen.
  5. I have a pair of jeans and will get some cargo pants soon.
    Only use them if I'm nicking down the shops. Usually wear leathers.
    when I picked up my wife's zzr250 from Canberra it was a stinking hot day.
    I flew up and rode back.
    I thought "I'm gonna look like a tool wearing leathers on a plane" so I wore the draggins.......without bike shorts........and rode back to Melb.......800km......

    The kevlar chafed me to bits. My arse felt like It had gone 12 rounds with John Holmes and I ended up face down on the floor with my (very amused) wife applying liberal amounts of Bepanthin to ease the pain.

    Lesson learned.

    Super comfy when bike shorts are underneath.............

    Just my .02c
  6. The draggin are now made with longer bootlegs to fit over youre boots in the riding possie. the only thing I found (in my NEW cargo's) was that I now step on the backs of the legs when wearing runners... One or two less centimetres would be good...
    Oh, and the pockets, I had the same prob, actually lost my wallet out of the pocket (someone allerted me and I got it back, phew!), when I was walking. Apart from the fact that you shouldent have anything in youre pockets when riding (safety issue here), some bigger pockets with better fasteners (velcro is good as it will not heat up/melt like plastic/steel zippers) would be helpfu.
    Draggin Jeans can be fitted with KNOX protective foam inserts too.
    As far as low speed crashes go, sometimes these can actually result in worse injuries, as there is more downward force than there is momentum. This means that without the armour inserts, the jeans arnt great for that type of crash apart from a little bit of padding, however in a slide they work great... keep the suggestions coming!
  7. Thankfully never came off in mine, how ever, if you are going to buy the cargo ones, dont buy the light coloured cream ones, dirt and staines show up quick smart real quick, so you end up looking looking like an unkempt slob quick smart.
  8. Found they got really itchy too towards the end of the week doing courier work... Especially in the wet or when things got sweaty, had me sitting from cheek to cheek, but after a wash they got better... BTW, I didint know this, but dry youre draggin's in the shade or in low sunlight, wiht them turned in the right way, or the sun can weaken the KEVLAR... but feel free to hit them with an open flame (JOKE).
  9. I have a pair of Hornees - I like the cut, suits my figure. The lighter denim does show up the stains, need to where short shorts/boxers underneath as can get rashy when on long hot trips, the kevlar protects the skin but you really need impact protection. I had a minor off and banged my knee - denim tore, kevlar protected my skin but my knee was sore and bruised (hurt for a few days when walking) - if I had impact protection I wouldn't have gotten so sore. Would be a good idea to display draggins with the optional impact protection in store so that shoppers can make a better choice.
  10. I've got a pair of DJs. There's a nice hole in the knee now after my spill, but thankfully the kevlar stopped me from getting dirt and gravel embeded in my knee.

    They're generally quite comfortable - a little warmer than normal jeans. They chafe more easily than other pants, but for me it's been barely noticable.
  11. The armour part is good. But as someone else suggested a pockry to insert the armour would be much better than the normal velcro fastener.

  12. I have the BW combats, they lasted a year and are worn out in several places. Not due to falls or anything just washing I guess.
    My thigh on bith sides is worn through.
    And the Crotch is to tight.....! My tackers get really cramped up , and thats after getting 2 sizes bigger just to fit my thighs in....
    The material needs to be more durable, and the pockets are Sh*t, cant trust them and cant sit on the bike when you put anything in them.
    I like them but i reckon I need to get them made specifically for me as the combat (loose fit) is not what it says.
    I used to be a Tailor and there is alot I would change. My Joe rocket jeans are perfect, durable and comfy and the pockets work. But I dont like the steel bits sewn in, would prefer the kevlar.

    And another thing the Kevlar on yer ass really gets annoying after you been sitting for a while, feel like I get nappy rash, the kevlar needs a softer lining over it on my butt.

  13. No worries, the next pair you get can be custom made, most likely at no charge....
  14. I have 3 pairs of DJ cargo's, I love them.
    The product.......
    I was given a pair of molten red camo's as sponsorship for the scooterthon last year, that is the only pair I have yet to test in a slide.
    I had a lowspeed(40kph) off/lowside during the race and the jeans held up well, the only damage sustained was a few little holes in the hip pocket from my housekeys...lesson learnt, never ride/race with keys in your pocket!
    The company.....
    I have received nothing short of excellent service from the guys in at Sth Melbourne, both Lucky and Ben have been extremely helpful when I have been to the outlet to purchase goods, and they were really great about sponsoring me for the scooterthon, I approached them about it on a whim two days prior to the race and they managed to find me a pair of molten camos cos they had none in stock at the time.
    The only thing I have noticed is my red/molten camos are not as long as my other two pair, but thats cool, cos I have ducks disease and the other two pair are actually a bit too long.
  15. haven't kissed the pavement, thankfully!

    the particular jean(black) i have has a nice cut and i tend to wear this more than the other(blue).

    gawd, i should buy some leathers, though.

    um, doesn't draggin HQ have a windowless basement filled to the brim with the info you're looking for. i'm sure they do... go to R&D, take a left and go down the stairs... :LOL: if you find scully, pm me.
  16. I haven't had an off so durability in a slide I'm not sure of.

    I haven't had a problem with chaffing, BUT I have always worn leggings underneath because I wear the knee/leg armour and that hurts on my bare legs. I also don't ride continuously like these guys.

    I have my phone in my leg pocket every ride and have never lost it.

    While the smallest size they could get in, they're still not tight on me so I haven't had a major problem with length either. If it's REALLY cold and windy I feel it a bit, but again I wear leggings.

    So I'm happy with 'em.

    Besides, they're purple camo, can't not love 'em when they're purple :p
  17. been up the bitumen in mine twice, both times on the right side. They are spotless, they are tremendous pants that both times kept my flesh exactly where Mother Nature intended.

    Arguably the best value for money motorcycle clothing purchase I have ever made. Customer for life.
  18. Had an off a while ago, and had Draggins on, and they popped stright through the denim and kevlar... and my knee...
    Have nothing to compare them to, so cant say i wouldn't recomend them, nor have i gotten another pair to see if it was a one off fault...
  19. Had a lowish - 30k or so - slide on my old DR200. The jeans worked beautifully. A bit of impact bruising, but the product stood up really well.

    I think they should get someone to take a look at their cut though - most of their designs are daggy as sin.
  20. they're great in terms of road rash prevention... It'd be good if they came with some armour/padding around the knees though, apart from the velcro in ones (they move around) just for impact protection.