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Oporto vs Nandos: Which is your master, and why?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Oporto

    15 vote(s)
  2. Nando's

    21 vote(s)
  3. I'm a vegetarian and therefore I don't matter.

    1 vote(s)
  1. As I sit here beginning to get hungry, I've been chatting with coworkers and this subject came up.

    So to which spicy chicken do you swear your allegiance, and what's your reasoning?

    I'm an Oporto man myself… it's clearly a better deal when it comes to value for the dollar, and I like their sauce better. On the other hand, their chips are kinda hit-or-miss.
  2. Nandos? You need to take out a loan....
  3. Nandoh's. The reasoning is the seasoning.
  4. Neither. I can't afford to spend a weeks pay on a piece of bird slapped between some bread.
  5. Red rooster rippa sub. Because the garlic mayo stuff pwns my face.

    But oporto > nanos every time.
  6. Haven't been to Oportos, I'll have to give it a try! Nandos is a rare treat due to the cost :(
  7. Oh dear, it'll change your life.

    Perhaps a Netrider meet for Oporto =D>
  8. Just gotta go...
  9. Prefer Nandos as it is ubiquitous and tastes good. There are hardly any Oporto (9) stores in VIC than Nandos (100) that I have come across anyway.

    However IN NSW it's the opposite as there are many more Oporto (60+) then Nandos (30).
  10. I had a Nando's meal the other week.


    Then I realised I had paid $17 for a chicken burger... which I guess is kinda pub pricing.
    The chips were exquisite, though.
  11. 1. Nandos extra hot chilli sauce is heaps better than anything at Oportos.
    2. Nandos chicken pieces are heaps bigger.
    3. Nandos has cobs of corn.

    We have a clear winner.
  12. Nandos is highly overrated and too expensive.
    Oporto? I've never heard of it.

    Try your local greasy chicken shop for better value.

  13. Local charcoal chooken shop for me. But I'll give Oporto a shot sometime.
  14. Kinda pub pricing? Maybe if your local is the Lord Nelson. My local does meals for $5.
  15. way more oporto's in sydney than nando's and its way cheaper, so it wins for me. I've had nando's once, and it was way better than anything I've eaten at oporto's but pretty damn pricey
  16. Agreed ^^^

    Nando's is really nice but for slightly more i could go to a good restaurant and get even better tasting food.

    Oporto's wins for me because it is the better balance between price and taste.
  17. Nando's 'cos we haven't got Oporto's in WA (AFAIK).

    As for price, when you consider that a KFC burger meal upgrade is over $10 these days, with cold burger, half raw chips, a warm drink and half the world's losers in the place, I've no problem with springing $16-$17 at Nando's for something edible in pleasanter surroundings.
  18. Oporto, it was my first job so i might be biased ^^

    Nando's is nice but expensive for what you get in terms of food but worth it because the eating experience is better what with the plates and the cutlery etc. Nando's does stop you from pigging out but for the coin there are Indian and Thai restaurants about that would get my dollars.
  19. Do you mean for a meal ? It's $7-$11 for a burger at nandos here... the buns, salad, basting and mayo are all wayyyyy better than oporto. I can't even see how you could compare them. The chips are much tastier too.

    Oporto is like a chicken centric maccas. Nandos is more like an actual restaurant.