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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Any one like or dislike this -- please freely give opinions /reasons

    looking for some consumer input

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  2. I like..but I don't like the fact that it's been eaten up for the visor and back panel-thing. I like clear prints.
  3. +1
    Everything about it works except for the intrusion of the visor hinge into what I'd assume is a significant part of the graphic. Concept appeals for sure.
  4. I am sure you see it as a torn jolly rodger flag yes ?
  5. How difficult would it be to use the hinge section of the visor to complete the picture?
    So that when the visor is closed you can see the whole skull..

    I didn't notice originally but now that you've pointed out its a flag it makes it pretty obvious.

    The next most important thing after the graphics, to me would be comfort and noise

    Good luck with it (y)

  6. does weight come into the equation in respect to comfort ?
  7. I can't say I picked it as a torn flag but I did pick up on the cutlass hilt and now that all the pieces are together I still like it lol.
    Weight is a factor in buying a helmet but to be fair how much difference is there in a few grams as the case would be in all but the most high end of lids? For me it wouldn't be all that noticeable as I'm required to wear a Nolan open face helmet for anywhere up to six hours a day. Noise, visibility and airflow are boxes I'd like to have ticked, cover them and the graphic becomes the hard part from a marketing view, ie how many different prints do you want to offer?
  8. I like it. If I were looking to buy a helmet the graphics would appeal to me, depending on how it fit, weighs, etc.
  9. Currently there are 3 types

    1 Jolly Rodger
    2 Werewolf
    3 Plain

    In respect to weight - I will not divulge yet but will just :)

    No one has picked up yet that it is carbon fibre/ kevlar hybrid

    but then again hard to see it with the graphic
  10. Just about any standard full face helmet I've tried on has been ok in terms of weight, as j3st3r said its barely noticable.
    However Dad's got a Nolan flip face, and it felt insanely heavy in comparison.

    Another thing I noticed when I upgraded from a bottom of the range cheapy KBC to a VR-2R racing helmet, was I can now turn my head sideways at highway speed without noticing any difference in wind resistance.. The old helmet gave the feeling of being smacked with a base ball bat during every head check
    Wind noise went down a fair bit too, which is a plus because I don't wanna stuff around with ear plugs every time I ride.

    Actual fitment comes down to whoevers head you're putting it on, which varies way too much


    PS: I did actually notice the carbon fibre around the bottom, but I wasn't too sure if it was real or just textured so I didn't mention it.
  11. I very much appreciate the input people - thank you all
  12. I like the design, though I do think that the visor cuts into the graphic a bit too much. If all the import things added up, I would buy it.

    The hinge cover like arai have on their helmets would make this look even more awesome though.
  13. This is valid but I am of the belief the hinge covers add to noise --- and they are right next to the ear
  14. it's not my cup of tea, but i expect it will/would appeal to a lot of people.
    i'd probably buy a custom painted helmet though, if i liked the design, because theres a lot of helmets around that have all the right/great features and are well priced eg: rjays sp2... but the graphics are just shit... i'd pay money for a unique design/paint job on my own helmet if that's what you're selling?

    what make/model helmet is the one pictured?

    i do like the carbon fibre appearances on the helmet... but i think that's a clash with the theme.. carbon fibre> think cyborg, metal monsters, radiation/virus symbols.. you know, like post holocaust themes
  15. double post
  16. I like this suggestion thank you

    as for make and model -- it will be my make and model hopefully
  17. I would love a carbon fibre helmet. The lighter the helmet the better, even if it is only a little lighter. Apart from having less effect on your neck muscles, etc after a long days riding, the lighter that a helmet can safely be manufactured the safer it can be in an accident situation due to reducing the overall weight of your head/helmet.

    With the graphics, not my cup of tea. I am not in to having pictures on my helmet. Lots of helmets you see have dragons, etc, etc on them and I don't like them. Personally, on a carbon fibre helmet like that I would go for either plain or ideally I would go for just some subtle grey/silver swirls, etc. I love the paint job on this helmet. Nothing too over the top, but still looks really good in my opinion, and the colours suit my bike and other gear.


  18. so this would be more to your liking ?

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  19. Yep, given the choice of this one or the first one you posted with the skull, etc, I would definitely take this one.

    Some simple graphics like the one in the link I posted I like, some silver/grey, etc are great, but I am not into full pictures on helmets. And I think the CF helmets look good just as they are.

    I like simple, be it just a plainhelmet or with some relatively understated colours, swirls, etc.