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Opinions welcome. Is this picture fake/photoshopped?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lectre, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    As I'm not that familiar with photoshop etc. when I stumbled across this I thought "either this is a masterpiece of alteration, or a masterpiece of practice"...
    I'd like to know which one is the appropriate one ;)
    Either way, it's still a kick-a$$ picture...
    Lookin' forward to opinions

  2. I've seen this done on video (by christian pfeiffer) so it can be done, just don't know if this particular one was done or photoshopped.
  3. has been argued about here with great heat, but precious little light, on at least two occasions.
  4. I question why there is shadowing over her body and legs when the shadow of the bike and rider are seen on the ground and barely touching her foot. Makes me think photoshop and the pic of the girl was taken elsewhere.
  5. looks like darius khashabi so i'd say it's real
  6. Nice skyline of San Francisco in the background... :)
  7. real or not... +1 on chris pfeiffer doing it, and it being ultimately possible
  8. NOT photoshopped its - the man himself-- made stunting what is is today-- ah darius your my hero-- well chris P is also(but his on a sucky BMW)-- but Darius you will rock forever!!!!
  9. this is smee's favorite photo
  10. just to throw my 2 cents in, i think that she is standing slightly to the right of him so that in case the stoppie wasn't done correctly he would just pass her. But because of the camera angle it is hard to see this angle.

    It would explain kamikaze why there is no shadow on her feet but there is on the rest of her body from Darius.

    So i stand in the "real" corner.
  11. There's a bike in that photo??
  12. The potential for that to go wrong makes me giggle evily.
  13. It's real :-w
  14. Yeah if you can lower your eyes from looking at the guys butt (I know it's hard for you but try! ;) ) you'll see he is sitting on a bike he has done a stoppie with as opposed to sitting on a table or something :cool:
  15. Now I don't have a clue myself, but last time this one came up I asked our digital artist fella and he said that it is 'shopped' but not in the way you think. He believes the bike was stationary and supported at the real wheel. He says that the clone and blur tools have been used to remove the support, and that this can be seen in the missing fence links and tyre detail. I emphasis that this is his opinion, not mine, I don't have one....

  16. I'm gonna put that down to the meds Wazza... :p
  17. Huh? Pain meds? And to think I thought they were just feeding me lots of vitamin C :p

    Now being on topic heh. Would someone with knowledge/experience of stoppies vs having a bike's rear tyre lifted by a box or whatever be able to tell if it was a stoppie or "just" an elevated rear tyre on an object by how far the front forks are down in the pic? I.e doing a stoppie I assume would "crunch" harder on the forks than "just" being elevated by a box or whatever as Inci stated? I'm no expert on that so that's why I'm asking if "an expert" could tell us? :D
  18. Looking at What ini had to say i have blown up the piece of pic he is refering to.
    It is not conclusive, but I think his source is right... I think it may be a fake


    Make your own decision.
  19. I think the source was not correct.

    While that is how it *could* be done... I have enhanced the area under the wheel and the shadows and see no evidence of any tampering.

    The blur appears to be a common effect of jpeg compression. Only a high quality minimum compressed image could escape it.

    ...Thats an awesome trick by the way.
  20. jpg blur is usually more uniform than that, this is why I don't think that is jpg blur...
    I could be wrong, but it seems a little dubios