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opinions wanted.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Interloper, May 26, 2008.

  1. i'm about to move from sydney to townsville,which apparently is about a 1600km trip.i have been quoted a $675 price for transportation,door to door for my scoot (with insurance),which i am willing to pay.i have plenty of time on my hands to do the trip on the bike but im just in the state of mind of getting the whole moving thing done and dusted and it seems like a daunting task to ride such a distance.i know its an opportunity to have a gork at the sites and check things out but i just completed a 600km round trip and constant straight-line freeway riding irritates me no end.
    so just out of curiosity,would you guys take the ride given you had plenty of time to do so,or would you just get your machine freighted(money being no obstacle)?

  2. I've done here to brisbane a few times in the car, and would gladly do it on a bike given 2 or 3 days (no hope in 1, which ive done in a car before). The worst part is between mackay and rocky (marlborough stretch) where there is quite literally nothing.

    frickendevil is right about the malborough stretch, it is 3 hrs of absolutely nothing. Same with the Bowen to Townsville stretch, thats 2 hrs of nothingness. The rest of the stretch isn't much better, Rocky to Gin Gin is fairly straight with just small towns breaking it up. Gin Gin to Brisbane is not as bad.

    Good luck in Townsville. There are almost no riding roads around there :( however Cairns is not too far away for a weekend trip and we have some of the best roads around.
  4. Well I say ride the bike, but most would expect me to say that. Take your time, its all an adventure. You meet the most interesting people while riding any decent distance.

    Ride to Coffs Harbour day 1
    Ride to Sunshine coast day 2
    Ride to Rocky day 3
    Ride to Townsville day4

    btw its 2058 inland via Roma
    or 2270 up the coast

    Its more 1450 from Brisbane so no idea where 1600 comes from.
  5. I'd ride it.

    You can have a bit of entertainment planning the trip, and what sights to take in on the way. Surely it can't all be straight and boring. If you've got the time, what about looping inland a bit or something to take you off the beaten track?
  6. I'd do it! I've ferried my sportscar using similar roadtrips; the longest one of which was from Mackay to Melbourne, taking a rather roundabout 3700km to get there.

    Wanna start stretching my Tiger's legs too. I would have gone on the recent Far Ride but I had second-thoughts when I realised that it'd involve a 1500km-ride-in-24-hours on a bike I'm relatively unfamiliar with... And I'm out of practice for long-distance riding too.

    Excuses, I know. :)
  7. Hey Spots, keep an eye on the next one (not online yet) will be near Warren NSW. I did 2200klms on the Moree FarRide. Head to Townsville Friday evening to arrive Saturday for the day at the Ulysses AGM then home Sunday.
  8. Warren sounds much more reasonable for a first attempt... And by then I should be used to longer rides again - Riding to Brisvegas non-stop via the inland route early July (and an identical trip home). :)
  9. How about you ride the thing there, but promote your ride on NR, and see how many folks you can meet on your epic journey.
    You will probably get a large response. If you play your cards right, you might get Wined and Dined and 69ed up the Coast.
  10. Ayr/Home hill are alrite to stop in, but not for long :D

    Theres a couple of decent roads around, but all very urban. Cairns/tully is a nice ride around.

    In the ville if you want a riding group, theres about 20-30 bikes that get together on a thursday night at the Strand. Good way to get to know the streets, and some real top blokes there.
  11. thanks for the input guys.yeah,i obviously got some dud info on the distance but nevermind.ive decided i will stick with the freighting option.
    i am certainly looking forward to meeting some of the local riders too so i will be intouch with 'frickendevil' in the near future for a start. :cool:
  12. Why not hire a hilux and drive it up there?
  13. If you've got time on your hands then ride it but stay off the Pac and NE highways.

    For example, you could ride the Thunderbolt Way (which contrary to most maps does not have any dirt sections) up to Walcha, jump on the NE Hwy to Armidale, off onto the Waterfall Way, peel off just past Ebor onto the Hernani-Nymboida road up to Grafton, then keep going to Casino, then Kyogle, Woodenbong, Warwick. Up the Cunningham Hwy to Ipswich and from there you're on your own, coz I'm not familiar with anything north of Brissie (except from the water)
  14. With the price of fuel I think it would be cheaper to ship it PP.

    I'm heading to Townsville today...flying though :LOL: The weather has been shit up here for the last week. I've done a total of 42km in 3 weeks.[/quote]
  15. Ride it. I sing the Rubber Ducky song when I get tired. Always wakes me up on those boring bits.
  16. You could do a little of both, it'll take a bit more planning but shouldn't be to hard.
    You could do the best bits from Sydney to Brisbane, than fright your bike from Brisbane to Townsville.
    Brisbane to Townsville is really a bad ride, it's not only the boring stright road, it's the condition of the roads (pot holes everywhere) and it's only a two lane highway so there's always a lot of traffic with little overtaking opportunity.
  17. just fill your mp3 player with 2 days of songs and just set the throttle for 100kph. When you get tired, take the straight bits...