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opinions wanted please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by littleal, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all,I'am getting closer to my goal,
    I was wondering if you can give your thoughts on the follwing 2 bikes please!
    suzuki gz 250.
    any thoughts are welcome no offence taken.

    many thanks if advance
    little al {the 40 year old virgin}


  2. Good for what they are, but you got lams and should be looking at a slightly bigger capacity engine, you can get a 400 or somthing for the same money
  3. why do people usually always think that just because we have LAMS and we have the choice to to get a bigger bike it doesnt neccesarily mean we want to. at the end of the day there is still a much bigger and wider choice of 250's. the OP stated he as narrowed it down to 2 bikes. so he would of looked at all the others.

    to conclude just because NSW has LAMS doesnt mean everyone wants to get a bigger bike 250cc is still the most popular (i think) for learners.

    sry end rant.
  4. i thought i would just clarify my choices,
    Mainly because iam on a tight budget,the bike that i choose is going to be four for commutting to & from work(about a 20 k round trip)our fuel biil for the week has gone from $35.00 a week to $100.00,with a young family keeping the cost down on evrything is important!!!!!
    yes being the age that iam i could go for something bigger,but the cost of a geenslip 4 a250cc bike verus a 500cc bike verus a small car(god forbid).
    Which toatlly defeats the reason for getting abike in the first place!
    Unfortunelly? everything comes down to how much you can afford to spend !

    Cheers littleal :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. A green slip for my Z 650 cost about $250, around the same as a 250.
    The fuel costs were a tiny bit more, and maintenence costs were far less.
    LAMS bikes have bigger, less stressed engines, are not built to such a low price (IE, better quality)and you won't grow out of it in 3 months.
    If you are buying a bike for lower running costs, I hope you will be doing all your own work, or you are in for a rude surprise.
    By the way, how can your fuel bill go from $35 a week to over $100 a week? Fuel has not tripled in price in the last 5 years?

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Take this for what it's worth as I haven't ridden either, but a lot of mates have owned close relatives.

    I know nobody who has had a bad experience with either a Kwak twin or a Suzuki single so I'd regard either is likely to be an excellent bike.

    Ultimately it'll come down to personal preference. See if you can score test rides on both and go for the one that feels nicer to you.

    Personally I could see myself going for the Kwak as the twin is likely to be quicker and revvier (both things I'd look for in a small road bike).

    However, riding position/ergonomics/comfort may sway you.

    All other things being equal, you could always flip a coin :p .

    Disclaimer: The best Jap bike I ever owned was a Suzuki. And I'm sure they've got their electrics sorted by now :grin: .
  7. By the way, how can your fuel bill go from $35 a week to over $100 a week? Fuel has not tripled in price in the last 5 years?

    easy with the wife taking me to & from work each day that makes it a 40 k round trip x 5 plus all her normal running around kids to school,shopping etc, it all adds up at the end of the week.

    As for greenslips, i might have ben let up the garden path , i was told tat a green slip for a bike greater than a 300cc was $396.00. Any info on this issue could well change my mind on what biketo buy.
    thanks for input.

    Cheers little al
    :? :? :? :?
  8. Have a look at this


    The Kawasaki looks better on paper as its more powerful but its also heavier. I wouldn't be getting either as I think 250cc cruisers are a bit pointless and there are more comfortable 250cc bikes out there which would make better commuters.

    If you want fuel economy why not consider a scooter? Depending on what speed you need to travel at a 125cc scooter would be very efficient if you didn't need to go any faster than 80km/h
  9. Well, the greenslip on my GTR 1000 was $426 about two months ago.
    So your fuel bill hasn't actually increased at all, you just need a second vehicle. I bet your fuel bill on the main car doesn't go down much.........besides, it is well known that fuel costs are not the big cost in running any vehicle, maintenence and wear items are. Which is why I mentioned that bike will not be as cheap as you may think.
    If you are purely commuting and really want a 250, I'd get a trailbike. Cheap, bulletproof, simple, low maintenence.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. The fuel has gone up because i used to ride a push bike to work around a 7 k round trip.
    With a new job it has put pressure on all the family members.
    hence the reason for a cheap reailable bike to go to & from work.
    Any trailbike that you would like to suggest me to have alook ay ?
    cheers little la :? :? :? :? :?
  11. Any of the 250 road registerable trailies are good, it comes down to your personal comfort, IE, go sit on em and pick the nicest to ride.
    The Kawasaki KLR's seem to have nice comfy wide seats, not too sure about the others.
    And don't discount any sort of bargain bike that comes along, even if it's not a 250 or the style you want. Just check to make sure parts are available and plentiful, and it will be cheap to run. Forget fuel, it is not the cost that will bite you.
    Anything up to a 650 will be cheap to run fuel wise.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. many thanks
  13. I would choose the Kawasaki as it is the same engine that is used in the GPX/ZZR and I think they look better. A road trail bike is not such a bad idea. The KLR 250 was in in production for about 20 years and only the colours changed. It has been replaced by the super sherpa which is air cooled and based on the stockman farm bike. I would go for the yamaha XT 250 as it is also air cooled but will be more plentiful on the second hand market it has been around virtualy unchanged since 1984.
  14. I love my Eliminator 250, I upgraded it after only 7 days after I bought a VStar250. VStar looked good but boy it was gutless. Then I found the Kawa and it was 36HP compared to 20. Im sorry I dont know about the Suziki but as far as the eliminator goes, its great. I get about 200ks a tank and its very comfy and easy in traffic.
  15. I always thought the EL250 had the same engine as the GPX/ZZR but I'm sure its not the case. That website says the EL250 is powered by a V-twin whereas the GPX/ZZR are both powered by parallel twins?
  16. Haven't ridden the Kwaka, but I owned the GZ for a while. Bulletproof little machine, but you'd get there faster on a pushie...
  17. I just looked up the power ratings on both bikes.
    Kawa 36hp
    Suzuki 20 hp

    Similar situation to my 1st reply about why I upgraded my VStar250 at 20hp to Eliminator at 36hp.
    Go the eliminator !!!!!!
  18. Hey julian,could you give some more info on the eliminator please, i would pm you but i do not have 20 posts up yet.

    tks little al
  19. http://www.motorbikes.be/en/compare/5678/5185/

    Go to this link and see the power rating comparisons.
    Both tourque and bhorse power are significantly different. Also a major diff is that the Kawa is liquid cooled and the Suzuki is air cooled. One is a VTwin and the other a single. The Kawa revs so much higher, longer and better in each gear, oh by the way there is 6 gears on the Kawa instead of 5. I can cruise comfortably at 120kmph with still some overtaking power left but on my previous XVS250 Yamaha which is so similar to the suzuki, I was busting to maintain 100kmph. There is no question, just do it. The kwaka is far better and its very comfortable, doesnt look like a 250 and has fatter tyres, front and especially rear, so it looks heaps better.
    Heres a screen grab coz sometimes the site crashes.
  20. It surprises me that you should make a blanket statement based on your own experiences. Running a 4cyl 250cc + may start getting expensive, but bikes like the Spada, GPX etc are so cheap to run it's not funny. I ran my spada, paid off the loan (gear included) just on the fuel & maintenance savings in the car. Then I bought a 600, now I don't care about saving money (not so skint anymore), I just care about enjoying the ride. Its the best money saving decision I have made.