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Opinions wanted on Suzuki Boulevard

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by newshot, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Gday,

    My first post here, looking at buying a BOULEVARD C50 (VL800K8) . I've had a Hyosung GT650R since 2005 but let's not start on that piece of junk. I'll only rant and rave about what an unreliable shitbox it is.

    I want a more comfortable bike for cruising and have been offered a decent trade on a new BOULEVARD C50, I've sat on it and it suits me just waiting on the demo bike to return on Friday to take it for a ride.

    Not being a walking knowledge base myself just wanted the opinions of anyone who knows their shit more than me.

  2. Welcome to the forums Steve. I have one of these as well as my 14.

    Great value for money cruiser with plenty of torque and looks the goods as well. Handles 2 up riding with ease and is a very easy bike to ride. Mine is actually for sale and this is because i dont have the time to ride 1 bike let alone 2.. Will be sad to see it go really.

    Best value for money cruiser on the market.

    What area you from ?
  3. Cool thanks for your insight, good to know it handles 2 people as that's something I'll be doing a fair bit of once I have bags etc fitted. I'm from Newcastle, NSW by the way...I'll have to setup a profile properly

  4. Petty you are not here.. :grin: And yes set up the profile and go intro yourself in the welcome lounge.. :cool:
  5. I'm not a cruiser type of guy (not old enough yet :p ) BUT, the C50 would probably be on the top of my list if i was looking for a cruiser.
    The couple of guys i know that have them love them. just my 2c
  6. I have the M50, which is a C50 with better styling(?)

    I use it to commute every day, and have done 13500 kms in less than a yr, including one 3600km ride in 4 days.

    Handles very civilised, with no real vices.
    Mechanically, has only let me down once, with a faulty IAP sensor.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this bike.
    Easy as a commuter, able to tour, big enough to tell the cages - go away- and watch them disapear in your dust.
    Nimble in the traffic, and corners well.

    Buy it.
  7. Thanks to everyone for all the advice, it's all been very helpful. I'll test ride one today and see how it goes.