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Opinions wanted: gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nash_tz, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I am looking at getting some new gloves. I have narrowed it down to these two:



    I tried on the Alpinestars one, and it was good, but none of the shops I went to had any of the Spyke to try. Anyone had any experiences with either? Safety and comfort is what I'm after. Cheers
  2. well...

    I can't comment on the Spyke brand, but I had a pair of Alpinestars three or so years ago, and the leather deteriorated very quickly (especially on the palm where the kangaroo leather was) Stictching was also an issue, the gloves were sent back twice under warranty to have the wrist velcro strap re-attached.

    As a glutton for punishment, I followed the gp pro's up with another pair of alpinestars, this time cheaper ones (name escaped me) these suffered from the palm leather degrading as well.

    I've currently got a pair of spidi's, not the top of the line ones but the $170 ones. No dramas so far and they have lasted over a year and a half commuting.
  3. I know you said you had narrowed it down, but did you look at/try on the Dainese Slam gloves? They are the same price as the alpinestars, the most obvious difference is that the little finger isnt joined, but they have a nice thick pad on the palm, right where the impact point would be.

    I found them more comfy than the alpinestars.
  4. From first hand (sic) experience check out Joe Rocket gloves.....comfortable as all hell, great ventelation and can take the punishment of an off as well. And the construction design is much smarter than the other gloves I've looked at (e.g. seams on the outside).
  5. My alpinestars took 3 months to stop being painful, another 3 months to BEGIN to be comfortable and another 2 months to wear out.

    Joe Rockets were comfortable straight away and hardly noticable after 1 day of riding.
  6. I havnt had any issues with the alpinstars GP Pro.
    Just put them on and sit hands in sink of water for 5 mins and then either go for a ride(yes wet I know) or walk around the house stretching your fingers out. This will soften them up real quick, after 3 rides mine were fine, dont hurt. As havent had any probs with quality after a few months.
    Very good quality cumfy gloves, protection is A1 and much better than my last set of Rjays which were absolute crap, will never by Rjays gloves again!
  7. I am a weekend rider only, and my alpine stars wore the thumb out in about 3 months from using the indicator, well when i used it that is.. :shock: :shock: Joe rockets are what i have now and highly recomend them..
  8. Wore out in 3 months from using the indicator ey?
    Jees I find that hard to believe, maybe you had your thumb on summin else?
  9. My Joe Rocket gloves have held up great and I plan to get another pair when these wear through the fingertips :D

    The design of the fingers is very comfortable, the stitching looks a bit rough at first because its all exposed but not a single stitch has come loose. Like matt232 says theres not a single stitch or seam to be felt inside.
  10. I tried out a mid range Joe Rocket glove "Nova" today but didn't like it as much as the GP Plus. None of the shops seemed to have any of the top tier ones aside the Alpinestar. I'll see if I can try out a Dainese Slam and the Joe Rocket Speedmaster. Thanks for the replies so far.
  11. My Dianese gloves were better off on the cow that they came from. Shit gloves, fell apart very quickly and then completely after my off.

    I bought a pair of Alpinestars gloves that were brilliant, actually, I think they are still in tact, but the Saab doesn't warrant me wearing them :( so I havent seen them for over a year.

    The Alpinestars were only ~$80-90
  12. Hey easy there!! :LOL: :LOL: No they seriously wore on the indicator thumb. Bloody comfy glove though..
  13. So in being a weekend rider you wore these gloves on 12 or worst case maximium of 24 rides and you wore the thumb out? cummon.

    A* A1
    Highly recommend
  14. serious, i took them back to action and i got a credit from alpine stars..
  15. After tring some Joe Rockets, I seriously will never buy another brand of glove. These gloves are damn comfy and offer excellent protection. It was about time some manufacture decided that we could have both.