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Opinions wanted - Best sounding exhaust on a z750 or equiv.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Grrila, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    After a few good test rides I have managed to find myself taking possession of an immaculate 2008 z750 for my first step up bike from LAMS. My previous bike was the little zeal which was quite a good bike up untill its final days of ownership.

    The only thing at this point in time I was disappointed in with the z750 was it's exhaust note. Compared to my zeal this thing sounds really tame. My little zeal had the standard twin pipes and sounded like a jap 4cyl should (for a 250 at least) but yeah the z750 is really quiet.

    I rode one with an Akrapovic carbon can and although it sounded quite nice and deep on idle it just droned when riding normally. I've youtubed a few vids and I have found some vids of the Leo Vince GP Pro and I really like the noise they make with the throttle open. Only prob is sound recordings don't always give you the big picture.

    So I'm asking the opinion of this forum what exhaust have you heard on a z750 or an equivelent style bike that you thought sounded the goods?
  2. Campbells......... yummy!

  3. I have a delkevic exhaust on my 06 and really like it. I have been told when I was at the track that it was one of the better sounding bikes there wide open. it also has a distinct rasp that I love past 5k rpm. this exhaust does not drone and the provided db killer actually does work as it should.

    the other I have heard sounds great are the Leo Vince gp
  4. two bros
  5. Looks pretty close to the zeals standard setup!

    Anybody tried a scorpion slip on?
  6. First time I've heard of them. You're not wrong though! Found a great tunnel video of one which sounded great! Definitely on the short list!
  7. the Akra on mine sounds beautiful. also loud enough without being obnoxiously so.
    adds a noticeable difference to the right hand too :)