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Opinions pls

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VTRBob, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Ok due to medical reasons, i've got to move away from the sports, sport/tourer
    type of bike and move more into the tourer type , so that MV1000 Augusta is now a lost dream that almost was a reality :cry:

    I've short listed a few

    FZR1300A ( personal fav atm )
    Triumph Sprint 995

    Be doing some comuting but alot more long haul / touring on whatever i finally decide on


    And yes I'll be ( regretfully ) getting rid of the VTR , unless I see the light and keep her for the occasional "playtime" or track days ???
  2. thats a tricky one... you want to move away from sports tourers but you list 3 sports tourers on your list...

    That said... the zzr1200 looks like a comfy bike....
  3. I took the zzr12 for a ride the other day and the seating possy is almost identical to that of the VTR, the sport tourers that i listed, i've riden and as a "stock" setup didn't agrivate my back or knees.

    I know i can change the bars etc etc , but im over all that :LOL:
    Thats why atm the FZR is top of the list :)

    and yes Doonksy ther will be the oppertunity to 'talk' :)
  4. The FJR1300 looks like a ripper.... Except that it heats up like mad under that big fairing, and apparently in hotter weather and slower speeds, burns the hell out of your legs.

    I'd put the Blackbird on the list, they've got a lot going for them.
  5. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I'll let you know now that Tam's pat response to the theory of any 1000cc bike is "there is absolutely no ned for a bike that big" - perhaps you could also arm me with some good responses before the War starts !
  6. Bob, if knees are a problem, isn't a bigger, wider and heavier bike likely to be hard to live with too??
  7. wait till feb ..... the ZZR 1400 is due to be released... if you want details on it ..you will have to do a web search as last time i posted the link it was removed ..... guess someone here that weilds the power dont like amcn
  8. Tell you what, let me take her for a short run around the block sitting at oh lets say a constant 3500rpm ( not speeding just the revs at that mark )
    and she'll be begging you to buy one :wink: :twisted: :LOL:
  9. If the ZZR1200 comfort is anything like the ZZR600, I'd go Kawasaki.

    Been to Sydney and now Adelaide for my longest trips and never had a problem with bum, back or wrists.

    And everyone knows that ducks are the best anyways :p
  10. You bad, bad man

    /Hornet massages your knackers at about 4kRPM in neutral :)
  11. My back is the minor problem spunky :)
    the main problem is the angle/rake of my knees , 25 years of 24/7 riding have got the better of me and unless I change bikes in another 5 years I wont be able to walk properly let alone ride !!

    :? :evil: :LOL:
  12. It's a shame you have to offload the VTR Bob.

    If it were me I would take the VStrom. You can still get that excellent V-Twin feel, but with the relaxed riding position and touring capabilities, it seems to suit your new requirements well.

    The next choice would be the FJR1300 as they look great, go great but would be on the heavy side I think to really hustle through some twisties (Relative to the V-Strom).

    Plus I think you could still show up the sports bike riders on one!! :wink:
  13. I think I love you Bob.........
  14. Perhaps you should buy a harley :LOL:
  15. Actually its a ZX-14 in Australia... and it has been released...

    I suspect the riding position would still be too agressive...
  16. Not even an option :LOL: :LOL: sorry DuHAST lol

    and i've sat on Martys VStrom last time at Mon Coffee
    Seating possition was excellent for both me and pillion ( Nadeen )
    But she as in the bike! was alittle high ( I was only just able to hold her upright on tippy toes ) so I have to look at the suspension settings to see whats involved in lowering the suckers !

    :LOL: :?
  18. New Sprint, for sure. Comfiest of the sport-tourers I jumped on, and it looks horn. Moreover, a triple is a much easier engine to live with day to day. :D

    If you could afford one, try the BMW K1200S too. Seemed very comfy when I jumped on it last time. Haven't actually ridden the thing though.
  19. I don't think either of these would be applicable with regard the knee's. Little, if any, difference in knee's for me when I had the VFR to the VTR. Sprint felt much the same when I sat on them recently. ZZR12 the same too.

    The FZ6 is a great bike, with a more upright and easier knee position. So too with the FZ1.